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During Pregnancy
By SOPHIE TORRENS 1,898 views

Mind-Blowing Facts You Need To Know About Pregnancy

Well, pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of every woman’s life. With excitement, also brings nervousness as the body goes through a lot of psychological and physiological changes, leaving many impacts. 

Women need to be very cautious and make changes in lifestyle to ensure they are carrying a healthy baby. So, if looking forward to embracing motherhood, first consult a doctor. If it’s the first pregnancy, do not hesitate. There are several private obstetricians, specializing in maternal-fetal care. They provide the best treatment with great convenience. Doctors ensure a comfortable environment to share any concerns without any second thoughts. 

Thus, professionals make sure the baby as well as the mother is in good condition, meeting all the necessary health exams. With this, also check all the pregnancy facts, helping to prepare for this exciting journey, including if you’ll need donor eggs, a sperm bank, or any fertility treatment.

Top Must Amazing Pregnancy Facts To Know

Blood Volume Raises By 40% to 50%

During pregnancy, a growing child requires more oxygenated blood for good nourishment to grow. This demand by the baby prompts the circulatory system to increase the volume of blood by 40% to 50% more than the normal blood volume. 

Heart Grows In Size

When a woman is pregnant, the size of the heart increases physically and metaphorically. Wondering what is the need for this? 

It all starts from the extra demand for blood by the growing baby as we have already mentioned above. When the blood volume increases, the heart also grows in size. The heart manages the new flow of blood by ensuring its reach all over the body of an infant. 

Without the increase in heart size, the heart would need to work harder and beat at a faster pace to meet the requirement of blood. But, this could lead to complications in other body parts. If there is any such case, see private obstetricians as soon as possible.

Sense Of Smell Might Change

The change in the sense of smell is the first sign that indicates pregnancy. After several weeks of conceiving, women might be unable to smell the nasty fragrance. On the other hand, they might even suddenly start liking the smell that was not appealing to them before. 

There is a reason behind such shifts in the sense of smell. It is a way to stop women from eating unsafe food during pregnancy, protecting an infant in the womb. No one has control over the changes in smelling capability. But even if anyone has, it will surely be an interesting experience!

Breast Size Changes Multiple Times

Change in breast size is the first symptom a woman will notice during pregnancy. Well, the body is getting ready to provide nourishment(milk) for the newborn, so this is obvious. But is anyone aware of this unknown fact that the size changes many times?

It is not like greatly getting big in size constantly. Actually, first, the size increases which might decrease, and then again increases. Thus, these changes go in the same manner over several months. 

This even happens just after the delivery as the body starts adapting to new demands imposed by a newborn. So, for convenience, wear an adjustable maternity bra to better prepare for the changes during pregnancy. But if there is severe pain in breasts, do consult private obstetricians with whom women can comfortably share issues and get treated well. 

Hair And Nails Grow Faster

During pregnancy, there are changes in hair growth and texture in most women. Hormones play a major role in this which make hair grow faster and fall down less. However, this change is not permanent. 

Many pregnant women lose hair after the delivery and when they stop breastfeeding. Most find hair growth in unwanted areas like the belly and face. Moreover, changes in hair texture lead to oily or dry hair. Even, many notices the difference in hair color. 

On the other hand, nails also change during pregnancy. Excess increases in hormone levels make them grow fast and more strong. Most women find split and breakages of nails when pregnant. Even nail changes are not permanent. If there is much nail breaking, trim them and do not use any chemical-rich nail polishes or remover. 

Severe Mood Swings

Pregnancy and premenstrual syndrome are similar in several manners. The breast becomes tender and swells up, hormone levels go up and down, and women might feel moody. 

If women have PMS, they are likely to have extreme mood swings during pregnancy. The results of which are happiness in one moment and feeling crying in another moment. 

Actually, mood swings are very common when pregnant, especially during the first trimester and the end of the last trimester. Most women go through depression. So, if problems like mood swings, sleep issues, and poor eating habits remain for more than two weeks, schedule an appointment with the doctor. Find the best obstetricians, helping to provide an effective solution for a healthy and safe pregnancy. 

Concentration Problem

During the first trimester of pregnancy, many women feel morning sickness and tiredness. It totally makes them mentally faint and worn out. Even well-rested women face difficulty in concentrating and struggle with the problem of forgetfulness. 

Thinking about the baby plays a significant role, and so do the hormonal levels. It might seem unimportant but seeing private obstetricians is a must. Therefore, make a list of appointment dates and consult a doctor. OBs will provide the right required care and treatment. 

Feet Can Increase In Size

It is again another mind-blowing fact that during pregnancy the feet of a woman grow. This means one needs to go one size above the actual shoe size. 

There are some reasons behind this. It is because during pregnancy the ligaments become loose, making the feet wider as the arches drop. In addition, weight gain and swelling also play a role. 

May Lactate On Hearing A Baby Cry

It is the most mind-blowing fact about pregnancy. This can cause excitement as well as distress on knowing women might lactate on hearing a baby cry. 

It is something surprising, but it is the body preparing itself to feed the growing baby with nutrition whenever required. This is a fact that growing infants cry because of two reasons, one is they are hungry and the other is discomfort. 

A mother can relieve the discomfort by changing the diaper or making them play. But hunger can be satiated only by feeding. There is a straight connection between hunger and crying which means the body will automatically lactate on hearing the sound. 

Summing Up

Multiple surprises are there in store during pregnancy. Getting aware of them in advance will be helpful in knowing the health changes so that women can consult the healthcare providers immediately. 

The best way is birth planning which will be effective in communicating with private obstetricians on how to manage all these pregnancy facts.