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Investor - George Schiaffino

Mistakes Made by Real Estate Investors

George Schiaffino

Wish to look out some points committed a real estate investor commits the maximum mistake? Looking out for different aspects of real estate where you can stop yourself from falling into trouble during initial of your real estate business?

Then provided by George Schiaffino who is a real estate entrepreneur for 40 years and real with real estate business. You must follow certain rules as mention bellow to not yourself by making mistakes as a real estate investor.

Lacks in Research

If you are quite choosy in your household products and electronic items. Then you also have to keep the same attitude at the time you are going for real estate business investment. Wait for the time and research for the best deal of all time and never invest in just one blow, in another word in only single business as this will have a nature to equalize your loss or gain.

Fewer Financing

Being a real estate agent entrepreneur, you have to keep in mind that you may not go for lousy financing. As not only it will increase your stress work but also make condition a bit difficult for regular income. Especially in the case of an old house mortgage, you have to ensure a back that could commit you regular returns.

George Schiaffino

Single Handed Job

According to George Schiaffino, this could be the first rule that could help you to prevent from making mistakes in real estate business. As real estate is the game of networking and just relying on your own skill. As network marketing trainer could lead you in bigger trouble. You must have the capability to reach every possible source as well as good contacts with other real estate agents.

Neglecting Expenses

If you have made your mind to buy a property that minds it that you must also make the complete list of other expenses. Along with house renting that includes maintenance charge, gardening expense, roof installment, refrigerator and thermostat power charges and much more. And, after deciding that you must go with the option of real estate investment in property.


This is more or less come into consideration as you go about your research work before selling or buying in real estate. As in your day to day experience you must have noticed that there are continuous bragging and different aspect of buying things at cheap cost. Thus here your skill as network marketing will be really tested.

These were the few points that you must keep your mind. According to George Schiaffino that could help you in avoiding mistakes that are carried out by a real estate investor.

George Schiaffino

George Schiaffino is the real estate mogul at Rebate Realty. He has worked for 40 years in the real estate and made over one million dollars listing. At the age of 24 he owned a successful real estate company with over 100 agents.

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