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mobile & web app development
By ALISHA MANHOTRA 3,162 views

How Are Mobile & Web App Development Transforming Businesses

Let’s accept it: ignoring the digital presence is like starting a business, but not telling anyone. Mobile and web app development has taken the world by storm. It’s modernizing the businesses worldwide alongside bringing a plethora of benefits in the same vein. That’s why, increasingly, businesses are jumping on the online bandwagon.

The outstanding advantages of going digital can’t be overlooked by businesses because the mobile shift makes the business ready for the future. Consider the retail business landscape that has been transformed a ton by the web and mobile app development services. In the last decade, eCommerce has become a de-facto standard for shopping and now mobile commerce is stepping up the sales and ROI game.

The digital impact is experienced across all industry verticals. Taking a look at the benefits that justify the investment in web application development and mobile app development is a good decision.

How are web and mobile app development services modernizing businesses?

  • Add value to the customers

Saying the 21st century- is an age of comfort, convenience, and experience won’t be hyperbole. Technology is making this possible. This is why businesses are increasing their reliance on tech stack to revolutionize the way people shop and meet their expectations. Web and mobile app development prioritize the evolved customer’s behavior.

The customers can browse, order, and track the products from the comfort of the sofa, at their fingertips. In addition to a smooth shopping experience, instant complaint resolution makes the customers take interest in brand post-sales too.

  • Improve brand awareness

Gone are the days when publishing ads in newspapers or magazines, distributing leaflets or templates, and TV ads are enough to inform the customers about the brand. These days, making the customers feel about the brand is imperative, where the mobile app comes into the picture. The leading brands are considering mobile to make the business products an integral part of the customer’s life.

In addition to a unique branding strategy, using the branding elements rightly across all the channels deliver the best experiences consistently. The data collected from the mobile apps help in understanding customers’ preferences and iterating marketing strategies accordingly.  

  • Enhance customer connection

The difference between the prospect and customer is how efficiently and quickly the customers get access to business information. The mobile app is the best digital channel that bridges the gap. It’s a reliable channel that enables users to connect with the business easily and keep track of customer support requests.

Bidding goodbye to old-aged surveys and forms to collect customers’ feedback, the app help businesses get ratings and reviews without much ado. The immediate response from live chat within the app is an intriguing feature that helps customers make purchase decisions instantly.

  • Uplift user engagement levels

The customer engagement quotient has a direct impact on customer retention and lifetime ROI. Businesses bank on mobile and web apps to improve user engagement without breaking the bank. Firstly, customer segmentation is done where multiple categories of customers are created based on demographics, buying preferences, and browsing patterns.

Later, the personalized content is sent to different customer segments in the form of customized in-app messages, tailored recommendations, and assisting the customers with curated messages throughout their journey. Also, the unique features, seamless UI/UX design, and discount/offers are used to make the users keep visiting the business offerings repetitively.

  • Build an army of loyal fans

The mobile app development company helping businesses into digital marketing often marks building loyalty as a great solution as opposed to customer acquisition. The existing customers are the biggest asset to the company that can change the game of sales and ROI when they are kept satisfied with high-value products. The loyalty program is the best solution.

Developing and integrating the aptly-designed loyalty programs in the mobile app can help in generating high ROI. With mobile apps, instant rewards (crediting points on every purchase), personalized recommendations, and social sharing make the users keep coming and buying.

  • Carve a distinctive niche

With market oversaturation, it’s difficult to make the brand stand high on the users’ expectation ladder. Keeping up with the competition is a daunting task, which top mobile app development companies can make possible through app development. The mobile and web apps with data collection, research, and analysis features allow businesses to cater to the customers’ needs better.

For instance, the mobile app helps in serving the customers instantly through high performance, live chat, and personalized recommendations. The service makes the customer feel special and allows businesses to outperform.

  •       Take the marketing up a notch with personalization

The mobile is in every pocket. The marketers are making the best out of the mobile apps with direct access to customer data. The data collected at every touchpoint in the customer journey helps in creating an individualized journey for every customer, which improves the probability of marketing campaign success as compared to traditional campaigns.

According to Accenture, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from brands that provide personalized offers and recommendations.

Under the digital marketing umbrella, push notifications are a powerful weapon with a 70% opt-in rate, which is quite higher than email marketing. It’s because push notifications are less often ignored. The CTAs rate is higher within the app. The instant replies to user inquiries on mobile upsurge customer experience.

  • Harness social power

The global pandemic and social isolation have made 81% of people spend time on social media, which is increased to 152 minutes in 2021.

The 69% increase in social time spending signals that social media is a great space to engage the customers and improve customer acquisition. Social channel integration with mobile apps is the best solution. The social media login makes the onboarding easy that helps customers search and find businesses offerings.

Not to forget, the social media campaign launch on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest help businesses gain social users’ traction, encourage new users to signup, and social sharing improves brand awareness. The incentivization program run on social platforms boosts user engagement and makes them try business offerings at least once.

Wrapping it up

Unless you are living under a rock, the digital application is not alien to you. The web application development company rendering web application development services or mobile app development companies offering mobile development services are also experiencing an impressive surge in the app development demands.

It indicates the businesses are moving into mobile or web app orbits to save their business and secure their presence in the market. The improved conversion, high ROI, and strong foothold in the market are the advantages that businesses reap at the minimum. It’s high time to couple the business with technology advancements, that’s mobile or web apps to place your business at the forefront.