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mobile apps
By ASHISH PARMAR 4,147 views

Mobile Apps Driving Digital Transformation to its Peak

There are no qualms that ‘digital transformation is the biggest buzzword going around in the business world today. That is why, irrespective of the industry, many entrepreneurs are waiting for the next opportunity to kickstart their digital transformation journey.

Since the turn of the century, mobile apps have been instrumental in escalating the speed of digital transformation. Mobile apps render adaptability and portability, the two most important elements that businesses need to focus on while planning their digital transformation.

Moreover, if you go by the stats, they, too, tell the same story. Until 2024, the mobile app downloads on App Store are expected to rise up to 150%, and on Play Store, the rise is even higher at 167%.

Mobile apps download

In addition to this, on average, a person uses 50% of the apps in their smartphone every month, and more than half of the digital media use is done through mobile apps. Therefore, in this blog, we will see the benefits of digital transformation and how mobile apps have become its face. In addition, we will also have an in-depth look at why businesses should invest in digital transformation. 

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is about rejuvenating the existing business model according to changes in technology and customer preferences. It is done to deliver a seamless customer experience amidst changing market trends. Whether it is the existing business structure, models, processes, and even technologies, digital transformation completely digitizes everything according to the need of the business organization.

The impact of digital transformation has been such on businesses worldwide that it is expected to reach $2279.4 billion by 2025.

Role of Mobile Apps in Digital Transformation

Ever since Apple released its first smartphones in 2007, the horizon of mobile apps has been on the ascendance. Moreover, over the years like any new thing, digital transformation has seen some challenges but the use of mobile apps and other new-age technologies has overcome it successfully.

Now we will see the vital contribution of mobile applications in digital transformation

Why are Mobile Apps Leading Digitization?

One of the main reasons mobile apps are the face of digitization is that the mobile-first approach is widely used across the globe. In addition to this, we are seeing people heavily relying on mobile apps. Thus, companies across the globe are using this opportunity to expand their business by increasing their customer base.

The other reason for mobile apps being the face of digitization is an exponential rise in the mobile-first approach worldwide.

Employee Engagement and Mobile Apps

There are no qualms about the fact that a connected workforce functions exceptionally well. Mobile apps assist business employees in connecting with work-related activities from anywhere. Thus, it not only saves a lot of time but also improves productivity and efficiency.

In addition, IT business owners have fewer headaches to face, improving their customer retention rates.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Now, as we have seen, mobile apps are vital in keeping the teams connected. Because of this, it becomes easier for businesses to manage the business-vendor-customer operations. In addition, with the help of mobile apps, the marketing staff too can perform their functions on the go, thus giving a huge boost to their overall productivity.

Whether it is the process management applications or the workflow applications, the operational efficiency of the teams has increased rapidly.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

After seeing the results of digital transformation over the years, it would be safe enough to say that businesses, irrespective of their genre, have benefited extensively through it. For the benefit of our readers, we have listed down all the top benefits of digital transformation below, have a look:

Improved Transparency

Digital transformation changes the ongoing business process and allows the employees to shine brighter with a revamped process. Moreover, it also helps identify patterns and trends that might not be seen otherwise and allows a business organization to stay ahead of its peers.

Another great about improved transparency is that it increases teamwork within the business organization. Moreover, all the different teams working on one project will know what the other team is up to and thus finish their work accordingly. Thus, better transparency keeps everyone included in the project in one loop and ensures hassle-free completion of the app development project.

Better Collaboration and Efficiency

There are better chances of teams working on the same page in the business organization with increased transparency. As everyone is on the same page, it brings in some dramatic changes in the company’s overall efficiency. In addition, the employees can communicate in a hassle-free way from one department to the other. Thus, the transition phase during the development of an app remains smooth throughout.

Empowered Employees

Optimal human resource management and empowerment is one of the better perks of digital transformation. With digital transformation, the employees will have access to the latest tools available in the market. Moreover, with the help of the tools, it becomes easier for the developer to integrate all related information in one database and access it even from remote places.

When the employees become empowered, the quality of the product they produce and the company’s overall reputation is bound to rise. Businesses should not mistake digital transformation as a functional unit or a department. It instead encompasses every business area, and thus it leads innovation and efficiency across different units.

Improved Decision Making

Due to digital transformation and having access to all the latest tools, companies would have access to real-time data. This data will help businesses to rationally analyze every different situation and take improved and informed business decisions.

With the proliferation of data, it will not be an overstatement to say that ‘data is the new oil’. Now with mobile apps and digital transformation, companies can bifurcate the data and use the ones that are useful to them. It will keep them at par with the changing trends, evolving new technologies, customer buying habits, etc.

Enhanced Reach and Globalization

It is because of digital transformation that the world has become a global village. Thus, it is a no-brainer that digital transformation will enhance the reach of your business product so that your business can make its name at the global level.

Digital transformation will also give your business a competitive advantage over your peers as it will become easier to include new features and functionalities.

Reasons for Investing in Digital Transformation

Mobile apps have been a torchbearer of digital transformation over the years. Thus, businesses should look forward to investing in digital transformation; otherwise, they will become obsolete in no time. For the benefit of our readers, we have made a list of reasons why investing in digital transformation is beneficial.

Greater Portability

If a business remains stagnant in today’s rapidly evolving world, it will die a premature death. Thus, the business needs to be portable as it helps create an ecosystem that enables employees to work according to their liking. In addition, the higher the portability, the higher will be the productivity of that business organization.

With mobile apps, business houses can give their employees enough space to work from time and location according to their choice. Moreover, as per stats, the engagement of mobile platforms is three times more than as compared to a website.

app engagement

Easier Utilization of the New Age Technologies

Whether it utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) or the Internet of Things (IoT), their benefits in the new-age businesses are uncontested. With mobile apps and businesses investing in digital transformation, they can leverage the full benefits of all the related technologies that will help expand their business.

These technologies will assist in the automation and predictive analysis and assist in serving the customers in a personalized way.

Summarizing the Content

Mobile apps are and will remain the heart and soul of business companies in times to come. In addition, they become the right catalyst to speed up the process of digital transformation and also help in their easy adoption. Besides this, the positive impact of mobile apps and digital transformation on the employees’ overall productivity and the company’s reputation is well known. Thus, it is advised that companies must be proactive in assimilating digital transformation and thrive in today’s constantly changing business world.

Ashish Parmar

Ashish Parmar is the CEO of Prismetric- one of the reliable mobile app development companies. He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is interested in discussing new app ideas and rich gadget tricks and trends. He admires and readily embraces signatur