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By EMMA WILLIAMS 1,139 views

What To Get Your Mom This Christmas

Picking out a gift for your mom can be pretty exciting. It’s hard to compare any gift you give to the Christmas gifts she’s given you over the years, but you can still give it your best shot. If you’re strapped for ideas, there are tons of creative gifts out there just waiting to be picked out for an ideal Christmas surprise for mom. Here are a couple of ideas that might pique your interest.

For the bath-enthusiast

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t enjoy an occasional bubble bath. What’s not to love about being surrounded by bubbles while you’re in the most comfortable spot in the world. You can pretty much guarantee that your mom adores bubble baths, so why not make this cozy experience even cozier?

There are lots of bath accessories that can make the bathing experience more fun. Things like bath bombs can nearly instantly create a spa experience right there in the bathtub. There are tons of different kinds of bath bombs to choose from, all with their own unique twist. You can pick out a scent that she likes and give her a dozen of them. Bath salts are another great bath-themed gift that you should consider. They can help her relax after a stressful day and help balance her skin with nourishing elements.

For getting ready for a night out

Preparing for a night out can often take a long while. Like most people, your mom probably enjoys heading out with friends. It’s not the same kind of partying as you might enjoy with your friends, but it’s still something that can mean a lot to her. Getting ready before a social event is a big part of the whole experience. Make it a bit more magical and convenient by giving her a gift that she’ll be using regularly.

A pre-party blow dryer kit is something we should all have in our night-out arsenal. These packs contain everything you need to dry and style your hair to your wishes. It has everything from blow dryer accessories and attachments to products for hair care and styling. It’s something that will make her even more beautiful without much effort. If she’s a big fan of curls, adding a curling iron with proper cooling would be a wonderful gift. Let her enjoy those wonderful curls for days on end without worrying about harming her hair.

For those lazy Sundays

We all need a day off from time to time. Even the most productive among us could use a breather every once in a while. People hate to admit it, but some days just end up going nowhere. You lay around all day and try your best to relax and de-stress to get away from it all. It’s a given that your mom has these days on occasion, so why not give her something to improve that experience?

For those lazy Sundays

When the cold Christmas weather rolls around, people like to get cozy in their beds and watch shows on TV. In these scenarios, it helps to have something extra warm to cozy up with. An extra thick blanket or snuggie would fit the bill just right. Give her a blanket with a strap that she can wear around the house. It’s the ultimate warm gift for the colder seasons. There’s nothing quite like getting cozy in your blanket while drinking tea or hot chocolate. It’s the ideal solution for those cold days when productivity goes out the window.

For elegance and comfort

Since you’ve already made her bath all that more comfortable with bath bombs, why not make the experience feel even more spa-like with a little something to wear? Once she’s out of the bathtub, your mum will need towels to wrap around herself and walk around the home as she dries off. It would be even more convenient if she simply put on a bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom feeling like a queen.

For elegance and comfort

Bathrobes are the ideal christmas gifts for mum, no matter which way you look at them. They look nice, they feel luxurious, and they’re extremely convenient during the colder seasons. You can’t really go wrong with a bathrobe. It’s like an elegant addition to her wardrobe, even though she’s unlikely to ever show it off outside of the home. While you’re already thinking in this direction, why not get her a hair towel to match? She’ll need to cover her hair either way, so make it look even nice by matching it with the bathrobe. It’s going to make every single bath and shower feel like a day at the spa.

For convenient attire

You can bet that just about everyone likes wearing jeans. They’re tough, they’re comfortable, and they are very practical for just about any situation. You can wear them to look nice or to get things done. However, people often underestimate the effect a well-fitted pair of jeans have on comfort. Even a slight variation in terms of size can leave them feeling ill-fitted. A good pair of jeans can, on the other hand, make all the difference.

Provide your mom with a custom pair of jeans designed just for her. It’s not all that difficult to find, either. You just need to be subtle about getting her measurements. Bring it up a little earlier so that she doesn’t get suspicious right before Christmas. A pair of jeans that complement her shape exactly will leave her feeling like she’s as comfortable as she would be in sweatpants. A perfect fit allows you to dress them up or down for any occasion and they’ll look nice.


Getting your mom an ideal Christmas gift isn’t all that difficult. All it takes is a bit of creativity and knowing what she likes. Even if she’s pretty mysterious when it comes to her likes and dislikes, there are lots of things that just about everyone will enjoy. The above gifts are great examples. Consider some of these gifts for your mom and you can be sure she’ll feel the spirit of gift-giving this Christmas.

Emma Williams

Emma Williams is an Australian writer with a master‘s degree in business administration, who has a passion for anything lifestyle and design related. She spends most of her time redecorating and participating in house projects. As a great nature lover, her biggest pleasure is spending time in a small cottage by the river.