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It has been scientifically proven that employee productivity is directly linked to the workplace environment and so it is just plain common sense, as well as great business sense, to get it right. The negative impact of an uncomfortable workspace cannot be underestimated and consists of the following:

  • Ineffective technology

Equipment that is slow, outdated and difficult to use is not only frustrating but can possibly end up leaving you with staff who not only want to throw it out of the window but walk out of the door!

  • Inadequate space

Cramped working conditions and lack of quiet space or zones for collaborative working can have a negative impact on concentration and creativity.

  • Poor lighting and/or lack of natural light

Not having access to good quality light increases the risk of eye strain and fatigue, which decreases productivity.

  • Lack of ergonomic office furniture

Are you sitting comfortably? To be able to even begin their work in a productive manner, staff need to be able to sit and use office equipment with ease to avoid repetitive strain, etc.

All of the above are factors that can combine to create both subtle and obvious stresses that can affect productivity. However, one of the worst complaints from employees is an office that is too warm and stuffy. With no temperature control, any sunny day can quickly heat an office up so much so that it’s too warm to remain comfortable and productive – especially in modern offices with lots of windows.

Health Factor

A lack of cool, fresh-smelling air contributes towards headaches, dehydration, tiredness, and irritability and can even worsen health complaints such as hay fever – all of which can impact negatively on staff comfort, morale, attendance, and company profits! Many workers will attest to the fact that labouring away in a hot, stuffy office is a somewhat tortuous and unproductive experience.

However, the answer is not to cut down on natural light which is in itself a great mood and productivity booster.

The Positive Impact Of a Climate Controlled Work Space

What employees need is a tailor-made space to suit their needs with “comfort” elements combined to maximise happiness and efficiency such as the comfort cooling systems at RTC Business Park, where they recognise the importance of room temperature and offer tenants the ability to control the climate of a workspace. With new “comfort cooling” offices with quiet zones and areas for collaborative working; staff productivity can be increased by as much as 20% simply because employees can remain comfortable, cool and focused.

Maximise Productivity And Profit

Not only does a healthy environment increase productivity, but it also reduces costs linked to employee absence, sick pay and even financial claims that as a business owner you could be at risk from. For instance, your employees may be working in an old building that could pose a risk to their health and safety as well as suffering from lack of space, light, unable to see greenery, boiling hot in summer and freezing cold in winter!

Healthy Office Space, Healthy Headspace

A healthy working environment helps to maintain a positive attitude in times of stress and a happier, healthier workforce is more important than ever in these competitive and uncertain times. Comfortable furniture and modern equipment may improve efficiency but a healthy working environment that necessitates other “natural” factors such as light and being able to appreciate nature is the way forward for staff that can keep a cool head, even if the office politics are getting heated!

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