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By STEVE HOSTEN 2,137 views

Neurodivergent Employees As The Whole Organization

What makes neurodivergent different from others? Having neurodiversity at work doesn’t mean a person is not able to do things or they cannot listen and respond. It means that a particular person will process information differently. Their brain responds to the input data differently. In turn, the person will listen, learn, think, and process information varyingly. The way they perceive information makes them specifically in terms of behavior. They interact, collaborate, and talk specifically. Different categories together make a neurodivergent group. These categories include autistic people, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other mental and learning disabilities.

Some categories discussed above include intellectual and other developmental disabilities. If you have come across neurodivergent people in your life, you must have noticed individual differences. This is because they belong to the same group doesn’t mean having the same characteristics, behavior, and features. Everyone will have a specific type, way of speaking, and interaction. According to the research, 15 to 20% of the US population consists of Neurodivergent people. The way they socialize is quite different and sometimes even confusing.

Neurodiversity At Work

You are wrong if you think having neurodivergent in your company will cause loss. It’s astonishing how a neurodivergent adds to the success. Just like an average person has talents and skills that an average person lacks, neurodivergent have some unique skills that an average person may lack. Some outstanding skills and talent can elevate your business and take it to heights. 

As people are becoming broad-minded and gaining awareness daily, the world is progressing, and old points of view are left behind. It’s pretty common to hire people with neurodiversity. Proofs have made it quite common to include neurodivergent people as it has directly added to the progress.

Let’s talk about some extraordinary features which differentiate between a normal and neurodivergent. Following are the beneficial skills and talents:

  • Creative and innovative designs.
  • Highly creative ways of problem-solving procedures
  • Specific strengths in different fields.
  • They are highly concentrated, and in this way, their power to find our hidden errors is more than the normal ones. They try to keep the readings accurate.’
  • They have a fantastic talent for remembering data. Their collected data is based on facts which is why it’s pretty reliable. In this way, employers will not regret it. In the end, it becomes clear that hiring a neurodivergent was beneficial. They provide canniness to the particular organization, which benefits cultural and financial grounds.

Organizations Hiring Neurodivergent.

If we analyze the results of different companies and organizations, we have figured out that hiring people with neurodiversity is more productive than companies not preferring them. In return, neurodivergent people show more affection, responsibility, loyalty, and reliability than normal ones. In addition, most consumers are attracted to organizations where people with neurodiversity are given equal rights and have employees from different backgrounds. Consumers find such organizations more trustworthy than others.

Especially if the consumer’s organization prefers hiring people with disabilities, they always like to work with organizations with the same perspective. This is because they know how to do neurodivergent work by exploring an individual’s specific skills. Sometimes even consumers can be neurodivergent, too, and who knows, he may have a neurodivergent friend or relative. This way, a strong bond is made between the companies and organizations, benefiting everyone working there.

How Employee benefits become the whole organization’s benefit

According to research, When organizations don’t find it weird to hire neurodivergent and provide them with equal rights, it promises a healthy atmosphere in and out of the organization. First, the neurodivergent employee gets an opportunity to use their skills and find a source to earn. This way, society improves, and the inflation rate goes lower. 

An individual’s progress is the progress of the whole organization, but how?

It’s because, as we already have discussed, some specific and outstanding skills that divergent ones have but normal ones lack, which means it’s going to get diverse. Talents and skills of normal and divergent ones are different, so what if these skills are mixed? It’s going to be very progressive and impressive.

In this way, when an organization hires a diverse group of people, it will hire a bundle of skills and beautiful ideas. When the companies and organizations go higher, they spread worldwide. This, in turn, will cause the progress of the whole nation. We all have to admit this: every individual’s progress works for the whole nation’s progress by strengthening it culturally, morally, and economically.

Where do you find out people with neurodiversity?

Now the perspectives have been changed, and we are welcoming more positivity. But what if an organization is facing difficulty in finding them out? They will have to find rehabilitation agencies and other local service providers who will take them to the target candidate. These agencies include American job centers, independent living, and vocational rehabilitation agencies. 

These sources will take the organization to a neurodivergent who perfectly matches that organization’s requirements. They may have all those skills and talents which employers are looking for. So it is not wrong to say that these vocational and local centers work as a bridge connecting employers and desired disabled candidates.

Neurodivergent add to the competitive advantage

Although we have discussed some extraordinary skills that neurodivergent possess, now let’s find out how. Following are some common areas where neurodivergent have proved to be professional.

  • Outstanding memory.
  • Pattern recognition
  • Expert in mathematics and many more.

For instance, take John, who works in data analytics. His mathematical and software developmental skills are uncommon. Although his behavior is confusing, it doesn’t make him less than others. Despite being neurodivergent, his skills and talents are unbelievable.

Final Verdict

Having neurodivergent in a workplace doesn’t only mean a positive and progressive atmosphere there; it will reform the whole society. Instead of taking it as a disability, it’s time to embrace it as something extraordinary.

Steve Hosten