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By STEPHEN LEO 782 views

5 Benefits Networking Your Online Business in Social Media

One of the questions that many online business owners ask other owners about social media is “What are the Social Networks Benefits Your Online Business?” Being successful with an online business requires a lot of work in brand building, marketing and customer service management. The following are five ways that social media platforms help with these.

Reaching A Larger Audience

With social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, you have the potential to create a global customer base by just creating and managing a fan page or brand account for your company. The first few customers that join will be able to get their friends that can see their activities on the network, to join through word of mouth online.

That means potentially new customers. The traditional method of distributing flyers, putting up banners, etc. may not reach enough of an audience.

Social Networks Benefits Your Online Business Marketing

By providing relevant content, images and videos, customers can see exactly what you have to offer. On a platform like Mezee.me, you can create or join a special interest chat room to promote your business to people who are specifically interested in your product or service. With traditional marketing strategies, it is not so easy to target the right audience, as a customer’s interests and needs may not be a right fit for your product or service.

However, on social networks, groups and chat rooms are created according to niches and special interests, and you have the ability to target only those in your marketing efforts if you have a restricted budget and time frame. When it comes to marketing your product or service, you require less media coverage and advertising through a third party because you can do it on a larger platform through social networks.

Customer Interaction and Brand Building

Through the comments section, forum or chat room of the social network, you or your representatives can answer questions from customers easily. The traditional method of talking to them over the phone is not as easy for them as getting real time answers online. You can also keep track of negative publicity on these forums and quickly move to address it. This way, by addressing specific concerns, you can build a good reputation and perception of your business and brand.

Tracking Competition

Keeping up with your competitors is vital to successful business. Most companies these days have fan pages or profiles on more than one social platform, so it is easier to keep track of new competitors, find out how they are doing and what ideas they implement on their profiles. You can follow their profiles to their business website to find out more and then tailor their ideas and strategies to fit your business objectives.

Metrics and Analysis

You can use the forums, chat rooms and comments section of your page to keep a track of which posts that you’ve made get more favorable responses and which ones get less desirable responses, or which of your products are more popular. You can then tailor your marketing strategy or even your products using those metrics.

In conclusion, the above social networks benefit for your online business should encourage you to sign up and set up a profile right away to ensure successful growth.

stephen leo

Stephen Leo is a blogger and digital branding expert. He is currently working as a content and digital strategist for a number of organisations that operate on both local and national level. He is currently associated with Guest Blogging Pro - platform dedicated for bloggers and publishers.