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Ludo game
By ASHLY WILLIAM 2,190 views

Top 5+ Features of Online Ludo Game That You Might Not Be Aware of

Are you missing meeting up with your friends while working from home? Do you want to socialize without stepping out of the house? Then, why don’t you play online games with your friends or family members, taking full advantage of the latest technologies? Yes, all you need to do is look for ludo game app download options on the internet. Once you have got that, just hit that “Download” button, and you are ready to go. Open the app, select the mode, and start playing the game right away.

Do you know what the best feature of the ludo game app download is? You can earn real cash while playing the game with your loved ones. Once you have collected a large amount while playing and you want to utilize or invest it on some other platforms, transfer it to your bank account and do that. Moreover, the most exciting thing is you are not the only one to leverage this feature while playing ludo, but your friends and relatives can also do that. It all depends on the number of times you win that determines your earning.

Now let’s see some of the jaw-dropping features of the Ludo game app download:

  1. 4 Game Modes – Quick Money, Private Room, Practice Match, and 4 Token Game
  1. Refer and Earn model
  1. Free ludo practice with a computer
  1. Easy deposit and withdrawal options
  1. Play custom games in the Private Rooms
  1. The maximum withdrawal limit is INR 9999/- per day
  1. Instant chat support
  1. Exciting rewards


Reasons to play ludo

1. It’s entertaining

There are instances when you get bored to death while doing the same thing again and again, right? Be it your 9 to 5 job or your own business; you want to divert your attention to an entertainment source for some time so that you could feel fresh and get recharged for the next task. Thus, in situations like these, what could be a better idea than playing ludo online?

It feels enthusiastic and fun at the same time when you race your tokens right from the main home to the central square. Amidst all that, you have to combat other players on the track and protect your pawns from them. It will ensure your pieces reaches the central triangle in a short time.

2. It encourages learning 

You might be thinking that gaming is all about entertainment, but it isn’t. Playing online games also boosts your learning and enables you to deal with challenging situations in the real-life. For example, while playing the game, you might come across a situation where you need to make a crucial decision between two available options. What will you do in such cases?

Use your intellect and decide what will benefit you in the long run, not just short term. Making such repetitive decisions throughout the game will improve your thinking ability and help you act based on the current situation.

3. It helps spend quality time

You might agree that we are usually on the go and hardly get some free time to spend quality moments with our family members, right? It puts our special bond with parents, brothers, and sisters on the line. So, you might feel that the absence of time is weakening your relationship with your siblings and other people around you. That’s where ludo comes to the rescue.

It helps you bring them together through a game and enjoy while chasing each other to the final destination. There are several unexpected circumstances you could sift through, and you may lose or win the game because of that.

4. It’s nostalgic

Playing ludo helps you recall old memories when calling your school friends to your home and asking them to participate in the game. Those moments were invaluable, right? The good news is you can create that ambiance now again by playing ludo online.

All you need to do to relive those moments is connect with those friends on the ludo app and ask them to play again. As soon as you start playing the game, you will realize you should play this game very often so that you could spice up your life a bit.


I hope you know how to socialize even if you are working from home. Playing ludo quite often will keep you joyful throughout the day, and you will not live a boring life anymore. So, if you have made up your mind to download a ludo game app and play the game but have certain doubts in mind, you can always connect to the user-centric ludo game makers through phone or email. They will clarify whatever doubts you have in mind and make sure you have no issues while using the app.

Ashly William

Ashly William is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. Her content is published on many national and international publications. She has expertise in writing about beauty, fashion & lifestyle.