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Nowadays, there is a day to day changes in the technology. Hence, it has become essential for the corporate owners to keep their eyes on the new trends and development. Having knowledge of the advancement happening in the technology will help individuals to compete in the market. Do you know 70 % of population experience Internet through their mobile rather than the desktop computer? Yes!

Here, individuals find some of the 2017 smartphone trends given by Sean Michael Malatesta. The professional is a corporate leader in various sectors including media, mobile, entertainment, advertising, and technology. Actually, the generation is moving towards the mobile world. Hence, individuals have to implement the tactics by focusing on various phone tendencies in order to survive in the industry.

Following are some of the mobile trends on which individuals should have to pay attention:

1.    Improved target marketing:

Actually, there is a continuous improvement in the location technology feature of the smartphone. Hence, individuals can target their audience in much better way than earlier. According to an IAB report, the digital advertisement revenue grows up to $72.5 billion in the year 2016.

The Business Leader can target the user having relevant apps and sites with the help of location technology. This means there is a chance that individuals download the apps and visit the site. Hence, you should have to invest in the mobile advertising approaches to take the benefit of this increasing trend.

2.    Mobile Wallet making the Society cashless:

Nowadays, the cash is going to be replaced with the plastic (credit card, debit card) as well as virtual money including Paytm, Paypal, and P2P apps etc. Actually, the mobile wallet industry is growing day by day.

Hence, corporates have to include the mobile payment option in their makeover plans. Along with making the transaction hassle free, the phone wallets also help the business in creating rewards for the customers.

3.    Video Content for gaining more Traffic:

According to a survey, up to 43% of people love to watch more video content from the advertisers. The video content is the best mobile traffic, driver. Hence, individuals have to start producing the videos in order to engage the audience towards their brand.

One can use YouTube true view ad channel in order to capitalize on the mobile video platform. With the help of smartphone mobile video ads, individuals can increase the sale of their product and services.

4.    Use of Mobile is Increasing Continuously:

Most of the generation across the globe spend their digital media time on the smartphone. Actually, the mobile users spend more than 3 hours a day on the phone. According to Sean Michael Malatesta, individuals have to use the mobile platform for engaging user as well as to generate leads. The thing to keep in mind while developing the app is that it must be user-friendly and fulfill all the needs of customers.

Wrapping Up:

This is crucial for the industry owners to use various marketing strategies based on the mobile trends. Actually, it has become a norm to implement the mobile technology in this modern era. This is due to the reason that the smartphone apps are effective in increasing the sale, improving the customer services and compete in the marketplace.

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Sean Michael Malatesta
Sean Michael Malatesta
Sean Michael Malatesta is a highly experienced and versatile business leader in mobile, media, advertising, video streaming, entertainment and technology sectors.

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