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outdoor digital menu board
By ALEX CARRY 298 views

Why Outdoor Digital Menu Boards are Taking Over Restaurants

Ordering from the menu at your favorite restaurant has changed. You’re no longer limited to the choices on the menu, and you can see those options in front of you before deciding what to order. That’s because restaurants across the country are using outdoor digital menu boards to create menus that are more interactive, engaging, and attractive than paper ones—and they’re more profitable too! Read on to learn more about why digital menu boards make so much sense in today’s world, how they work, and how they can help your business thrive even as new technologies enter the market.

Why digital menu boards should be your number one choice

It’s not just about saving money on paper and ink. By ditching paper menus and going digital, businesses of all types can also enjoy a host of benefits. The key to getting these benefits is in how you choose your digital menu boards. Different styles provide different types of solutions, and in today’s post, we’ll dive into which ones make sense for each use case. First up: outdoor signage! Portfolio of outdoor digital menu board options: Now that it’s no longer so much fun to stick pins in things, why not turn that old tradition into something new? If you don’t have anything against real-world portfolios (and who does?), then get started with one from EO Portfolios. Your physical portfolio will look as professional as any other and it’s great for collecting materials such as resumes or cover letters. What’s more, EO Portfolios has a wide variety of sizes available so that you can create one that fits your needs perfectly. Once you’ve picked out your size, simply select one of their many custom design templates to get started!

Benefits of using digital menus

digital menu boards benefit businesses in many ways. For one, they allow for a quick and easy update of prices when necessary. In addition, their digital nature allows for customization to fit each individual business’ needs. The display screen also ensures that your customers can read it clearly, regardless of how far away they are sitting from your business or how dark it is outside. Using a digital menu board could save you time and money in ordering costs as well; you will have complete control over exactly what is being advertised and new specials can be printed quickly without printing costs incurred. They’re incredibly durable with low maintenance costs, too—which means that your outdoor digital menu board won’t need to be replaced anytime soon. Not only do outdoor digital menus look nice, but they can help boost your sales.

It’s not just about aesthetics: People are drawn to technology more than anything else these days—and there’s no reason why restaurants shouldn’t take advantage of that fact. Outdoor digital menu boards make it easier for customers to order because all information (including descriptions) is displayed on a clean-looking screen instead of having paper menus shoved into their hands by an impatient server who wants them out of his way so he can go back inside and turn tables faster. Customers also tend to linger longer when using an outdoor digital menu board because they know they don’t have to decide right away.

How do they work?

It’s easy to see why outdoor digital menu boards make sense for restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias. They let you display your food offerings in a clear, eye-catching way to passersby. And if you’re trying to attract new customers into your restaurant for breakfast or lunch, digital menu boards at street level can deliver your message effectively and efficiently—and even let you engage in some targeted advertising with nearby competitors! With improved WiFi technology making it easier than ever to stream live content from inside your restaurant onto an outdoor display, no one has an excuse not to use them. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly: since they eliminate paper menus that have to be printed and distributed on a regular basis, they reduce waste significantly. If you need help finding signage that will meet your needs while looking great on any size budget, we offer design assistance to help you create exactly what you want! Give us a call today for more information about outdoor digital menu boards.

Types of services you can use with digital menus

There are three major components to digital menu boards, and those components (along with other services) can be contracted to a different vendor: sign design, software integration, and installation. Each component is essential to creating an outdoor digital menu board that works properly; keep in mind, too, that it’s important to ensure that you choose a company that offers all three services as these elements work together to produce your final product. You’ll also want to make sure your chosen company has a portfolio of sample work so you can look at how they handle each of these processes before making a final decision.

Things to consider before installing them in your restaurant or store

These days, digital menu boards are changing everything about how outdoor signage looks and works. While outdoor signs used to be limited in size, shape, and overall quality due to their physical media, digital signs don’t have these constraints—and they can display far more information. While you might think that a paper menu looks just fine on your outdoor signage, an outdoor digital menu board will be far better able to accommodate additional features like coupons or social media integration. It all depends on what type of establishment you run; a coffee shop may not need as many features as a large-scale restaurant chain, but both types of businesses can make use of digital menus for their outdoors.


Outdoor digital menu boards really change outdoor advertising. They’re big and bright, and customers can use them to check what’s for lunch without even having to walk inside. It doesn’t take long before these signs attract new customers. After all, who doesn’t want to eat at a place that advertises with big, colorful signs? If you own or manage a restaurant, it may be time to start thinking about upgrading your outdoor signage or finding ways to use digital menu boards in creative ways. They will help boost profits and make sure everyone has access to what you have on offer no matter how far away they are from your business!

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