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Candles are incredibly known for their lovely and encompassing lighting and their various fragrances and aromas, making them a very well known among household things. As candles are an extraordinary selling thing, that’s why they should be both protected and separated with solid, appealing and robust candle packaging. However, it does not matter if you run a candle shop or are a huge maker of candles, it is important to put some money into the wholesale candle boxes.

Furthermore, candle boxes and packaging should be both stylishly, satisfying and sturdy so they will look attractive. It needs to get the customer’s attention, and it needs to ensure the delicate candles inside the packaging. In most houses, candles fill more than one need and therefore, they are manufactured appropriately and put away in various reasonable and sturdy packaging boxes for candles. You can get custom candle boxes for candles that can be used on numerous events.

The candle packaging box can be useful for numerous reason, and it tends to be utilized as a display box, packaging box and candle gift boxes. Candle packaging gives an alluring look and assurance to your high quality and soft candles. Different packaging companies give boxes for candles in all colours, sizes and styles. From little to big boxes of candles, companies will make your candle packaging designs outstanding and staggering. You can order your ideal candle boxes from various companies.

Materials help to give complete assurance to your packaging: 

Material plays a crucial role in the packaging of any product, so it is necessary to choose it wisely. There are various alternatives for the materials from which you can choose for the candles as you need. These materials will complete safety to the candles from all the outside harm.

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Rigid


However, cardboard material is the best choice for the Candle Boxes Wholesale UK. As this material is easy to form into any shape or size. Besides, this material is completely puncture resistant and simultaneously simple to cut with the sharp blade or scissor. In addition, the thickness is also customizable to this material. You can increase or lessen the thickness according to the candles need. Furthermore, the most used thickness of this material is 14pt as it covers the necessity significantly.


Kraft is an eco-accommodating material that is the reason this is ideal. This is an ideal approach to add to nature’s security. Moreover, this material in its unique structure is a paper material, yet you can change the thickness. However, kraft material looks extremely thin but is best in giving the best protection to the candles you will keep in the Eco-Friendly Candle packaging Boxes.


The rigid material is the hardest in the material alternatives. This material is difficult to form into any other shape or size when it comes to any shape. Also, this is heavy on the budget when contrasted with the above both referenced materials. Generally, this material is in use when the purchasers don’t need to face any challenge on the security of the item or the appearance of the candle Packaging Wholesale UK.

Styles of Boxes: 

There are the accompanying styles of the boxes that will change the appearance of the boxes from not attractive to the impressive one:

  • Two-piece Boxes
  • Sleeve Boxes
  • Tuck-end Boxes

Two-piece Boxes: 

As explained by the name, this style of boxes is comprised of two sections. These two sections are isolated in such a manner as one section is in which you can keep the candles, and the subsequent part is functioning as the top of the initial segment of the box. This style is highly in use as it comes with a simple opening and the shutting of the boxes for the clients.

Sleeve Boxes: 

This style of the box is some way or another same to the two-piece boxes. As this additionally has two sections. Also, this one section is a tray and serves as a plate in which you put the candles and the second part which you put on the first section of the box as its cover. This box opens as these two parts open oppositely from one another.

Tuck end Boxes: 

The tuck end style of boxes is the style of the box which comprises of various folds and boards. Besides, this style is additionally partitioned into four types straight, sealed, reverse, and auto-lock. These are of the same style in manufacturing, and the main difference is the position of the folds. This style of boxes is commonly produced by using the die-cut manufacturing style.

Adding windows:

However, the addition of windows will bring more charm to your candle packaging boxes. To make them attractive, you can add a PVC window and die-cut window. Both of these give a more chic look to the custom candle packaging.

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