Like with any change in life, there is a period of adaptation, and getting your first pair of glasses is certainly no exception. As anyone who already wears them will tell you, they become a huge part of your life and affect everything from how you look/feel to how you manage daily activities such as driving.

As you might imagine, the transition from a non-glasses wearer to a glasses wearer differs from person to person, and some people adapt faster than others. But one thing remains concrete, and that’s what getting your first pair of specs is a fun and creative experience. There are just a few tips which if you follow, will help you enjoy wearing your new specs as much as possible.

Do your frames really match your face?

Getting the right glasses to suit your face shape is a bigger challenge than most people think, and when you’re getting your first pair of glasses, it can all be quite confusing. At least when it comes to making sure your frames suit you, you can use the Arlo Wolf face shape matching tool – so that’s one thing out of the way. Once you know for sure which face shape you have, you can know for sure which frames will complement your look.

A vision for new beginnings

Whether you’re male or female, young or old, your first pair of glasses is quite a life-changing experience! It can certainly shake things up when it comes to your habits around your fashion sense and appearance. But that is pretty much always a good thing, as it’s an opportunity to be creative and get out of old and familiar ways. Embrace the opportunity to try new things!

Adjusting to your new glasses

Perhaps the biggest issue you face when you’re new to wearing glasses is how to adapt to them. They might feel like an alien object on your face, and it’s not uncommon for you to reach for them or want to remove them – at least in those first few weeks! But fear not, this passes in about a month, and before you know it you’ll feel strange when they’re not on your face! The rest is simply building habits around your glasses, keeping them in a safe place at bedtime when you go swimming when you’re taking them off to hit the gym. Once you’ve “forced” yourself to build these habits for about 4 weeks, it really will become second nature. You might even start to wonder how you ever got by without them!

Care for your glasses with no drama

A lot of people get lost in plans of making glasses look good, how to match them with outfits and so on, but the basic care and cleaning of them is just as (if not more!) important. After all, caring for your specs means they will look their best, just like you!

Some top yet basic tips for glasses care:

Spray carefully

Make sure any spray you buy is recommended by your optician and is specifically for glasses. Other substances can have chemicals too strong which could damage them.

Wash and rinse

Don’t be scared of using water on your glasses – they’re made to withstand it. Keep them clean with a good cloth, and rinse them first to get off any fingerprints or stains.

ALWAYS store them in their case

Getting complacent and leaving your glasses lying around is all too common, and it’s the number one offender! You’ll very likely end up with damaged specs this way. It takes half a second to store them in their case, time well spent!

Looking for the right frames?

Give Arlo Wolf a shout today – their Try Before You Buy service means you can play around with frames to your heart’s content so you can be 100% sure that you eventually buy the right glasses for you.

Enjoy your glasses! See the best in life

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