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personal injury claim
By AMANDA MILLS 764 views

6 Key Stages to Making a Personal Injury Compensation Claim

The road from suffering from an injury to making a personal injury claim might appear as if they were too complicated for a layman. Fortunately, professionals from Bojat Law Group agreed to share their piece of mind with our readers and introduce them to key stages to utilizing their time and resources most efficiently. Thus, we kindly invite you to go through the lines below and learn about the important details.

Determining the Responsibility

To file a claim against an entity, one must determine who is to blame for the damage done, according to Bojat Law Group. Even though calculus might seem as simple as it gets, the reality is a bit more complicated.

Namely, if an individual gets injured at work, it does not necessarily mean that they should blame it on their employer. Moreover, they should analyze the situation and assess the sequence of events that led to the event and act accordingly.

Seek Legal Support

If you are inexperienced with handling personal injury situations, we suggest you reach out to a professional lawyer specializing in personal injury claims. Institutions such as Bojat Law Group handle PI compensation claims cases daily and know how the concept works.

Not only should they provide instructions on where to shift your focus, but they should also make sure you do not waste your time and money on trivial actions. Don’t let any legal action undo the effort you put in.

Keep your medical bills and other expenses in mind when you file a personal injury claim. Claims for car accidents can be expensive, and the doctors who treat them may get rich, too.

Safeguard the Documents

When legal demands are in question, Bojat Law Group underlines that official documentation is your best friend. Namely, one should always keep medical reports, official statements, or any other document relevant to the occurrence of the injury safe at all times. When the time comes, the paperwork should be submitted to the court and help you obtain the compensation. Also, there are a number of other documents that typically end up in court and are important for you to know. For instance, whether or not you were injured in a car accident should be among them.

Photo/Video Material

Fortunately, nowadays an overwhelming majority of individuals have the privilege to take pictures of everything they want when they want it. Your job would be to utilize the opportunity and take shots of the scene that could be used as hard evidence and strengthen your case.

Additionally, we should emphasize that you should also pay attention to persons who might have witnessed the unfortunate event and ask them kindly to support your cause. If you want to be able to prove your case, it is important that you should have a legitimate reason for chasing the perpetrator.

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Letter of Claim

The letter of claim is an official document that summarizes the circumstances that led to the injury. It serves to inform the third party about the incident and gives them a three-month period to investigate the case. Additionally, the letter of claim informs the people that you’re suing about the case and gives them a chance to contest it. It is best to be clear and concise in writing the letter of claim.


The duration of the court process depends on numerous aspects, but it can be quite abbreviated if the two parties find alternative ways to settle. Make sure you never accept the terms that you deem inappropriate and be careful not to communicate with the opposing party without your legal representative because experience has shown some entities tend to avoid the responsibility and would do everything in their power to cut down the amount that the injured files a claim for.

Even though the concept might seem complex, we hope that the aforementioned pieces of information will help you achieve your goals with ease. Just make sure you hire a lawyer as soon as you can and follow their instructions.

Investigating your injury

  1. Talk to your doctor If you are injured in the course of your work, it is important to talk to your doctor about what you can and cannot do. This can help determine if any medical treatments or surgeries are necessary.
  2. Do a search for information on personal injury compensation claims You should also do a search for information on personal injury compensation claims. This can help you find companies that may offer recompense for your injuries.
  3. Get an attorney To help with the filing of a personal injury claim, you will need an attorney. An attorney can provide advice on how to file a claim and what type of claim might be best suited for your situation.
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