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Everyone has their own way of reducing stress, whether that is spending time in nature or drinking their favorite herbal tea. One of the universal ways to decrease stress long term is owning a pet.

While your fluffy companion might ruffle your feathers when they get mud on the freshly cleaned floor or beg for attention when you’re in the middle of work, there is no denying that they make life infinitely better. Here are five ways owning a pet decreases stress.

1. Cuddles

Cuddle with Pet

Humans need physical contact for happiness and stress-relief, but not everyone has someone in their life to provide that. With a pet, especially a fluffy one, you get an infinite number of cuddles whenever they’re near (as long as they’re in a good mood!). When you’ve felt tired and grumpy all day, there’s nothing better than coming home to a dog excited just by your presence and ready to jump on the sofa for cuddles.

2. Caring for Another

Caring Pet

Sometimes, the best antidote to stress is focusing your attention on another. While you might have family troubles, health problems, or issues at work, all of that must fade away when your pet needs your attention.

Owning a pet gives you a sense of purpose, as it is your responsibility to take them to the vet, feed them, and ensure they’re as happy as can be. If you want to make sure they are in the best hands at the vets, you should choose

3. They Provide Routine

Pet with Routine

Stress often comes about when life lacks structure. If you’re waking up at different times and your only routine is work, then it’s not a surprise that you feel rough. With a pet, however, you are forced to adhere to a schedule.

If you have a cat that you feed at 7am, you can be sure they will remind you of that. Over time, it’ll become second nature, and the sense of routine will help you feel in control. If you need a little help getting into the swing of a new routine, try a scheduling app.

4. Exercise

Exercise with Pets

If you lead a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to squeeze in the exercise you need each day. Exercise is important, though, especially for beating stress, so you should aim to get at least twenty minutes of it, even if that just means a brisk walk.

By choosing a pet like a dog, you ensure that you get a decent amount of walking done each day, as they need playtime and walks to the park. Even pets like ferrets will increase how much you move, as you’ll spend time cleaning out their homes and giving them playtime.

5. They’re Hilarious

Hilarious cat

There is no denying that animals are hilarious. By owning a pet, you get the benefit of watching them do the craziest, silliest things, and you might even catch some on camera!

Laughter really is the best medicine for stress, so just by having a pet, you’ll soon find yourself giggling far more than you used to – and they won’t mind!

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