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High-quality rubies, sparkling emeralds, most sought-after diamonds, gemstones have over the years been a symbol of wealth, power, royalty, and riches. Gemstones have long been part of humanity and they have inspired myths, blessings, curses, medicines, and also fashion. Amazingly, the demand for gemstones has gone beyond well-known diamonds. More and more gemstones are making it to the market and other high-quality colored gemstones are experiencing a surge in demand. If your fashion statement is never complete without a gemstone, or you are looking to invest in the world of these valuable precious stones. Maybe you just want to usher in some happiness and healing to your home in this year 2020, Peter Wilson in Rocky River, a gemologist, providing awesome jewelry appraisal services explain the most sought-after gemstones everyone needs to have this year. 


This gem was first discovered in 1967 and named after its country of origin, Tanzania.  Tanzanite is a rare violet-blue gem and a popular alternative to the blue sapphire. With the Merelani tanzanite mining area being the world’s single mining location, this gem will only go up in value. Besides, one of the most well-loved features of this gemstone is the brilliant color quality. One that will surely mesmerize you and make a perfect choice both in value and fashion for the year. 


Along with being rare, it can also be considered one of the most expensive gemstones, yet the prices vary according to color and clarity. Tourmaline is such a beauty to behold coming in a range of amazing colors. It’s now very popular in demand and it has great investment potential. It is also known to deflect and dispel everything negativity-thoughts, feelings, and energies.

Imperial topaz

A good hardness and beautiful colors coupled with a relative abundance and availability make topaz one of the most popular gemstones. The golden-orange to orange-red known as the imperial topaz is the rarest and the most valuable. People especially love these colors making it one of the most sought-after. 


Ruby is one of the most popular gemstones of all time and it’s exceptionally durable. Fine-quality rubies are the rarest commanding the highest price in the market. Burmese ruby also has long been holding the investment market and highly valuable. When it comes to ruby, colors hold great importance than perfect clarity. This gemstone is symbolically associated with the sun known to bring wealth, health, wisdom, and prosperity in life. 


Cabachon has been around for decades and it has been shaped, smooth, and polished as opposed to faceted. Most often cabochon comes in oval shape but you will also see them in round and cushion shape. This gemstone has been transforming the jewelry industry for years. Earrings, cufflinks, pendants, rings, tie clips, this is a gemstone that is used in making anything jewelry and you can never go wrong with it.


Garnet is remarkable for its brilliant and fire and you sure going to catch the eye when worn to parties, events, or business meetings. This gem comes in a different color with the most popular being dark red. Garnet especially tsavorite garnet is now competing with emerald as one of the finest gemstones with great value. Garnets are used in medieval times as protection against wounds, accidents, bad dreams, depression, and many more. 


In fame, values, and pricing, opal has been competing with the most popular gemstones over the years and this isn’t going to stop in 2020. While white opals are most common, the black ones are considered to be the rarest. “A nice opal can flash brightly with intensity and fire that surpasses that of diamonds. Hence, having an opal piece is a great addition to your collection and portfolio, “Peter Wilson in Lakewood Ohio explains.

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Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson is a Gemologist and provides jewelry appraisal services for loose diamonds, gemstones and modern jewelry in Rocky River, Lakewood and Cleveland area.

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