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Joeri Leeuwerik Photography
Joeri Leeuwerik Photography
By JOERI LEEUWERIK 3,665 views


Memories are part of us. They are precious moments we hold dear and that will forever be ingrained in our hearts. Those special moments of our lives, those wonderful things shared and enjoyed with loved ones. Those iconic scenes and places visited. Those once in lifetime activities enjoyed. I bet everyone wants to reminiscence and savor those moments again and that is why photography has become an integral part of us, that is, capturing those beautiful moments through the lens of the camera. Joeri Leeuwerik understands the significance of thse best moments. And as a well-known nature and wildlife photographer, he has been able to capture the natural habitat world excellently while telling stories to the world through his works. He has beautifully captured magical moments through his talents and creativity to bring out a unique work that will keep your memories as fresh as new. 

Joeri Leeuwerik Photography
Joeri Leeuwerik Photography


However, photography has not only become a tool to capture memories but also appreciate life more and discover happiness in every little thing. You get to see life through the lens and see how much you have gone so far in your life journey. No matter what life might have thrown at us, there is no doubt some things to be grateful for and photography has become one way to appreciate those moments. This means:


Photos nudge our memories towards moments that matter

Naturally, we tend to take beautiful moments and amazing occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and all other good things happening in our lives. Having these amazing moments of our lives captures means we will tend to focus more on the good things and times in our lives than the bad ones. It allows you to see the bright things in the day and keep those memories vivid in your mind. Contact WeShootYou’s photography to preserve your special moments in photographs for life.


It helps you savors and appreciate the little moment

Looking back at those memories helps to also savor those little moments that matter. It is quite easy to forget good things that happen in life as we navigate through the hustle-bustle of the day. However, having those pictures means you can get to reminiscence on those good old days. The first time your baby takes those steps, your new home and job, your graduation days, and the best moments you enjoyed with friends and loved ones. We might tend to forget those times as we get busy with life, but photos can help bring them back. 


Photography is a gentle reminder to slow down

Life can get busy but let photography become a gentle reminder to slow things down. It allows you to become aware of things going on around you and how blessed you are to have those things and people with whom you are opportune to spend those times. There are a lot of things to be grateful for when you learn to slow down and appreciate little things.  


That is why photography has become a part of us. And thanks to advancements in technology, life has been made easier as people can now capture moments through their mobile phones. Whether it is to show beauty, tell a story, share our beautiful moments or appreciate life, photography is one thing we can’t do without. After all, it is already said that a beautiful photograph can say more than a thousand words.

Joeri Leeuwerik

Joeri Leeuwerik is a french photographer and best known for nature and wildlife photography.