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Playhouse Window
By ARIA AKACHI 2,271 views

6 Best Ways to Make Your Playhouse Visually Appealing

There are different ways to make your playhouse attractive and more homely. You should look out for creative and attractive ways to decorate and accessorize your playhouse. One of the best and simplest ways to make your playhouse visually appealing is by painting it with beautiful colors.

This simple trick will give a finishing touch to your building. You can also add little details like curtains, picture frames, shelves, and flowers to bring a significant difference. Here, in this post, I have mentioned a few tips and tricks to transform your playhouse. Take a look at these points:

1.Paint It Up

You should add a fresh layer of colors to the walls of your playhouse. If you want to make it different, then you should consider adding glitters and featured ways. When it comes to choosing the color of paint, you should let your kids make the decision. After all, your kids are going to use it.

Therefore, you should let them make their choices. Once the paint color is selected, you should start painting the playhouse with your kids. After painting your playhouse, you will observe that it is looking great from inside and outside as well.

If your kids want to add sparkle to their playhouse, then do forget to bring glitter paint as well. When it comes to choosing glitter paint, you should choose gold glitter, silver glitter, or rose gold. Any of these glittery colors will bring a smile to the face of your kids.

Not just glitter paint, but you should also consider adding the fun feature wall like the blackboard feature. It is one of the best features that you can in the playhouse. You kids can write and draw on this blackboard. This feature will let their imagination run wild.

2. Home-made Curtains

By adding the home-made curtains in the playhouse, you can bring the homely feeling to it. If you do not have any old curtain that you can use in the kid’s playhouse, then do not worry. You can DIY and can sew the curtains. You just need to look out for the piece of fabric and cut it to create curtains. Make sure that the size of the curtain should be larger than the size of the window.

Now, sew it from all sides and cut tiny holes at the top. These tiny holes should be placed at least three inches apart. After that, you should hang the curtain with the help of a rope or curtain pole. Before hanging the curtain, you should make sure that the playhouse windows are in good condition. If they are broken and unable to fix, then you should consider the installation of new playhouse windows.

3.  Shelves and Storage

You should consider adding shelves and storage space in the playhouse. The storage space and shelves will let your kids convert this structure into their world. Your kids will love to have their own space. For example, the shelves can be used as the drink holder and the dedicated corner can be used as a kitchen. You just imagined this playhouse as a small home.

4. Kids Outdoor Furniture

After adding shelves and storage space inside the playhouse, it is time to pay attention to the outdoor table and chairs. It will trigger lots of enjoyment. Your kids can use this outdoor seating arrangement for gossiping with their friends. If your kids love to host tea parties, then this seating arrangement is perfect for your kids. In case, you have a two-story playhouse, then you should also consider adding slides and other accessories such as a bell or binoculars.

5. Cushion and Blanket Finishing Touches

If you are searching for cute alternatives to the furniture, then cushions and blankets are the best options. The playhouse usually has limited space. Thus, placing cushions and blankets inside the playhouse will give plenty of space to your kids where they can sit and relax. The blankets and cushions can bring a homely feeling to this playhouse. You should consider hanging decorative items above the cushion.   

6.Fairy Lights

You should consider the installation of outdoor lights in your playhouse. The fairy light is the best option for this small size playhouse. The fairy lights will let your playhouse twinkle during the night. Thus, the outdoor lights will make your outdoor house a more beautiful house. You can make your playhouse magical with these sparkling lights.

We recommend you choose red and green fairy lights to make your playhouse look beautiful at night. When it comes to choosing the colors of fairy lights, you should consider where you want to install them. The length and size will also be dependent on the place where you want to install the fairy lights.

Aria Akachi

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