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The T20 seasons are the one millions of cricket fans are looking forward to. You can choose to play cricket league fantasy matches online. Enjoy playing IPL fantasy league online on the website or by downloading apps. It isn’t too late to get started on the IPL league games if you haven’t started yet. Many websites host fantasy cricket leagues that you can choose from. They are played in different formats. You have the choice of format.

  1. You love cricket

Why else would you play a fantasy cricket game? Love is enough to get started with playing your favorite game. You have the liberty to choose players and create teams. You can watch all the matches you have played anytime. Love for the game can get you started and let you passionately choose a strategy for winning the game.

  1. Money and prizes

This is a game of chance and skill. You can start winning real money, rewards, gifts, and prizes when you win games. It is easy to withdraw this money and get vouchers to buy from big brands. There are many perks that come along with playing these games. You can convert points to rewards and use them for playing many more games.

  1. More tournaments

You have the opportunity to play as many matches as you want once you sign up and register. Fantasy games come with endless tournaments and match you can choose from. You will get an insight into the players from India as well as other countries the more matches you play. There are matches, tournaments that come with mega prizes. You get to make your own team and have complete control over the game. It gives you complete liberty to plan and make choices you like and as per your gut.

  1. It’s legal

The format of fantasy games is legal. You have to check the rules and guidelines to play them on any website or using an app. Though money is involved, the format of these games is such that you can play as many as you want and win money and prizes. These fantasy cricket games are not considered betting and gambling games because of the format. You must carefully choose the websites and apps after reading the rules and guidelines.

  1. It improves skills

Fantasy game formats are made with rules. As many games as you play, it boosts your skills and improvises your strategies. With each game, you improve your planning and strategy of choosing the right team. These skills that you develop playing games can be implemented in various scenarios of life. It improves your leadership skills and boosts your strategic thinking.


These games and tournaments are immensely popular. You can choose to play any of these games at your own pace and watch all that you have played anytime. Millions of cricket fans play fantasy games and not only boost their skills but also earn points and money.

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