Poor Digestion can cause Weight Gain

Weight gain at any stage of life is a kind of nightmare. No one wants to look fat and fluffy, as this is not only concerned with looks but also your overall health. With time, our food habits and routines become so disturbed that we stop paying attention toward what we are putting in the stomach and practicing to improve the digestion.

Poor digestion can be the cause of weight gain. When we have lame lifestyle, including poor eating habits, becoming couch potato, and no workouts which makes our digestive process suffer.

Digestive problem lead to both weight gain and loss, but today we discuss how poor digestion causes weight gain. Digestive disorders make you feel stressed, fatigued, hormonal imbalance, heartburn, constipation and many other problems which make you overeat and feel lazy too.

Good news is that if you make a few simple changes in your lifestyle and consult the physician for supervision, you can overcome the situation with time.

The product like digestit colon cleanse available in the stores, which is herbal, safe and helps in the weight loss. But it’s always better to consult the doctor before buying any product to know its proper dosage and effects.

Now let’s see how poor digestion related to weight gain:

1.Most common constipation

Constipation is a common problem and can lead to other issues like bloating, irregular and painful stool etc. if not treated properly. It signifies that digestion is not proper and your body is unable to get rid of waste. This problem makes you feel hefty and sluggish (mostly physically inactive). Poor digestion weakens the capability of your body to regulate blood sugar, absorb nutrient and store fat.

2.Food intolerance

Food intolerance directly affects, the digestive system, the food is difficult to break down and absorb by the body, causes bloating and other problems. This situation sometimes makes you eat food unwisely without thinking much. Especially, when you advised avoiding some foodstuff, you often get confused about, what to eat and whatnot which makes you eat unhealthy, which further contribute to weight gain.

3.Painful acid reflux

One of the common issues of poor digestion, acid reflux, it is a condition when you feel burning sensation, rising in the chest after having food. This reflux occurs, when the stomach acid backs up into the oesophagus. When you are going through this condition, you urge to put some foody stuff, in your stomach which calm the painful sensation. This cause overeating and if practiced regularly contribute to weight gain.

All the above issues arise from imperfect digestion of food by the body. There are other issues like bad breath, irritable bowel syndromes, weight fluctuation caused due to digestive disorder.

Other than market products, you can introduce a high- fiber nutritious diet to your chart. Also, say bye to stress. Hope the above-given information makes you understand the importance of the right digestion.

Good luck!

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