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By ADEELBAIG 3,908 views

Prayer Tasbeeh for Muslim People

Muslim prayers, especially tasbeeh, are a way to ask Allah for His help and guidance. The basis of tasbeeh is to bow down before the statue of Allah and make salutations to Him. In doing so, the believer is acknowledging the presence of Allah and submitting to His will. Prayer tasbeeh is an important part of the religion for believers. There is a story that when the prophet Muhammad (SAW) set out on his journey, many tents were left behind by his companions, and they did not return for two days.

They realized that they were worshiping something other than Allah, and so they broke their solemnity of tasbeeh and left. When they reached their destination, they brought back all the tasbeeh equipment that they had in their possession.

They would then start worshiping and beseeching Allah to help them and to guide them to the right path. This is one of the basic principles in Islam and is mentioned in the constitution of the Islamic religion. But there is one problem with the prayer tasbeeh in the mosque:

Since the tasbeeh must be recited regularly,

Since the tasbih prayer beads must be recited regularly, Muslims often find it hard to commit to memory all those beautiful words. So what they do is memorize a few numbers of verses and memorize them. This way they get to do their prayer tasbeeh in their own time and in their own way. But if you are one of those who want to do it by yourself, then you will have to follow a few guidelines which will really help you.

First of all, you need to ensure that you have the correct prayer tasbeeh for Muslims. You cannot use any prayer tasbeeh that you would use for regular prayers. They will contradict the rules of the mosques and you will not be able to carry out your religious duties as well. It is important to note that the recitation of the Quran is an essential part of tasbeeh, which is why you must recite the Quran with tasbeeh properly. So if you are not sure how to do that, you can ask for some guidance or you can read the Quran, and then recitation will come automatically.

You must recite your tasbeeh in a calm manner.

Secondly, you must calmly recite your tasbeeh beads. You should not start your recitation with any loud noises or with lengthy lines. The congregation and the imams will only become aware of your tasbeeh when you start reciting loudly. So you should not do it then and there. You will have to prepare yourself mentally before starting with tasbeeh so that your mind and body can get accustomed to it.

Thirdly, you must also make sure that you are in a state of prayer before starting with tasbeeh. They should find the best place where there is no noise and you will be in a position to deliver your prayer effectively. You should be able to feel the pulse of the congregation and you should feel that you are in a state of mind that is calm and focused. Y’all must also make sure that the teacher you are going to deliver is not lengthy so that you can also concentrate on the words you are reciting and delivering them in such a way that they are audible to everyone in the congregation.

Fourthly, you need to enjoin and remind yourself while you are delivering your prayer tasbeeh. You must try your level best to avoid arguments and you must not indulge in them if possible. This is because arguments may lead to major problems between you and the congregation and you may also lose the chance of being closer to God. So you should avoid taking sides when you are having a prayer tasbeeh. Instead, you should try to have a peaceful mind while being in a prayerful state of mind.


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