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Cosmetic Surgery
By SHASHI DAS 2,007 views

Pre and Post Cosmetic Surgery Care

Nowadays, people have become more aware of their appearance; that’s why cosmetic surgery is gaining popularity in the medical field. Cosmetic surgery is usually a non-invasive or minimally invasive procedure. So, it is mainly an outpatient surgery, and you don’t have to stay at the hospital for more than a single day. Your cosmetic surgeon performed this surgery under local anesthesia or local sedation. Cosmetic surgery gaining fame because of its outcome. It improves the functionality of the targeted area, also offers an aesthetic look. Colloquially cosmetic surgery is also known as aesthetic surgery.


But two things you should consider before opting for any cosmetic surgery: pre and post-cosmetic surgery care. Pre-care eases the complete cosmetic procedure, and post-care speeds up the healing process and gives the desired result.


So, let’s talk about pre and post-cosmetic surgery care in detail.

Pre-Cosmetic surgery care–


Schedule your surgery when you are completely healthy: 

Any surgery should be performed when you are fit and ready to take the operational stress. It is also applicable for cosmetic surgery. Especially for liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, Botox, and other invasive body contouring surgery. It is because an individual with an active infection will have a high risk of complications.

Follow a healthy diet:

Following a healthy diet and a balanced diet before going under the knife speed up the healing process. Take seasonal fruits, green leafy vegetables, lean protein to get sufficient strength and immunity to fight against infection. If possible, take consultation from a nutritionist before the cosmetic procedure.


Talk about your medication to your cosmetic surgeon:

Yes, it is an essential step, never forget to mention if you are taking blood thinners like Vitamin E, aspirin, ibuprofen medicines, vitamin supplements. The doctor often advised you to discontinue these medicines fifteen days before your cosmetic surgery.


Drink water & stay hydrated:

 When you are preparing for the cosmetic procedure, drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself. Water improves the health of your tissue and activates important functionality like blood circulation and digestion.


Say no to smoking & alcohol before several weeks of surgery:

 Cigarettes and other tobacco products slow down the recovery process. Smoking and drinking affect the blood circulation process. They interrupt the healing processFor fast healing, you need enough blood circulation to the surgical area.


Arrange a support system at your home:

Yes, arrange the post-operative phase. Allocate your restroom or sofa where you can take a rest without interruption. Though surgery is minimally invasive, rest is an essential factor. Arrange your bed, washroom before going to the outpatient procedure.


Post-cosmetic surgery care–


Follow your cosmetic surgeon’s instruction from the initial level:

It is necessary to follow all post-operative instructions just after surgery because there would be a potential risk of infections after incision, So a doctor’s medical support is essential for post-operative care.


Make your support system ready:

After surgery, you may feel a little weak, dizzy because of surgery, medication, and the aftereffect of anesthesia. So, the doctor never recommends driving just after cosmetic surgery. Take a family member with you who will go for you.

Make a cozy corner at your home for rest and better sleep. Better sleep promotes better healing.

Take off from your work:

Take leave as the doctor prescribed. Relax and practice mindfulness. Follow a nutritious diet as you followed in pre cosmetic care.

Avoid overexertion and exercise:

Because it can create a mess, interrupt the entire healing process.

Don’t get discouraged by minimal pain after surgery:

After surgery, you may notice swelling, post-operative scars, bruising, and redness. But don’t get demotivated with these common aftereffects. They will gradually alleviate with time.

Avoid excess sun exposure just after surgery.

Keep patients, spend time with your loved one:

Be patient, have faith in your cosmetic surgeon. Try to keep yourself happy. Talk to your loved one, spend quality time with a friend, family, or spouse. Happiness can heal your pain by releasing happy hormones

Here we have discussed a brief on pre-and post-operative care of cosmetic surgery. If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, take consultation from reputed Dubai cosmetic surgeons. They will guide you from scratch.

Shashi Das

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