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pre recorded video interview
By JAMES SMITH 2,337 views

Pre-Recorded Video Interviews Tools Using Latest Technology

The COVID-19 epidemic significantly altered the corporate landscape. One of the major effects of the epidemic was the success and cost-effectiveness of working from home, which surprised no one. The employment process has been shortened and made simpler through pre-recorded video interviews. Pre-recorded video interviewing technology will still be available in 2023 to help you hire competent candidates who are eager to work while upholding social distance norms in this pandemic period.

Pre-recorded video interviews are the best since recruiters can conduct them whenever, anyplace. Regardless of whether the hiring team relied on employee suggestions or started their search from scratch, organizations must conduct interviews utilizing a cutting-edge and efficient hiring management system. The work market of today is growing more global.

Recruiters can set up video interviews using pre-recorded platforms that allow candidates to record their responses to pre-posed questions. The top pre-recorded software also gives your hiring team performance status, ratings, and evaluations. Pre-recorded video interviews quicken the hiring process overall. According to experts, hiring and recruiting will be done using a combination of one-way interviewing techniques after the pandemic, as traditional hiring procedures reappear alongside newly implemented virtual processes.

Best tools for pre-recorded video interviews

Because you may choose whether to conduct your interviews live or record the candidates’ questions, one-way video interviewing technology is unique. Therefore, choose video interviewing software that complies with the hiring needs of your business. This is the best and most appropriate method for focusing on achieving the main objective of effective recruiting.

The vast majority of hiring companies are aware of how video interviews are modernizing the hiring process. It is now a part of the employment process at even big companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple. This year, the trend will continue to grow in popularity as more companies embrace pre-recorded video interviewing technology to conduct hiring processes.

1. Ducknowl

Ducknowl is a platform that streamlines and expedites the hiring process for pre-recorded video interviews. The time spent on candidate screening by recruiters and HR departments is considerable. The best prospects do not always show up, though. It resolves your screening-related difficulty. It gives you the tools you need to save time and make better hiring decisions, including video interviewing, talent appraisal, video job descriptions, resume screening, audio screening, and video texting. The solution’s per-position customization will allow it to meet the specific needs of any hiring scenario.

A comprehensive recruitment system can help you organize and accelerate the entire employment process. Companies use ATS to hire people more quickly and fairly by using talent evaluations and one of the top one-way video interviewing platforms, Ducknowl. Since their platform is data-driven, you can concentrate on the most qualified applicants. It offers a variety of tools to streamline your hiring process and get rid of bias, so it’s not just for video interviews. A comprehensive set of hiring and personnel management tools are available through Ducknowl. It uses data-driven algorithms to encourage hiring using conscious thought rather than just the recruiter’s gut instinct.

2. RecRight

If you’re seeking video interview software that helps expedite the employment process, RecRight is the option for you. Its key attributes include one-on-one interviews, a candidate site, interview management, and virtual/pre-recorded interviews, among many more. One benefit that consumers enjoy is the free trial period for this video interview software. It will be clear from this whether it is compatible with the interviewing process for hiring managers and recruiters. RecRight, however, clearly operates wonderfully with all sizes of organizations, as evidenced by the reaction.

3. Interviewstream

The video interviewing platform Interviewstream offers both a video interview and a talent assessment. From one-on-one video conferences to panel interviews with space for up to 20 participants, these solutions cover it all. This application also offers a platform, which is an innovative feature, that helps you prepare your applicants for the interview. Your candidates will show up on time and be ready in this way. Customers have only been complimentary of Interviewstream. They now serve hundreds of customers, including major organizations, start-up firms, and small businesses.

4. MyInterview

MyInterview, a cloud-based video interviewing platform, is utilized. This tool’s primary feature, the integration of AI, enables predictive analytics. You can use this to learn more about a candidate’s true character. Additionally, MyInterview provides custom video introduction options, information exchange across the hiring team, and customization options. It also offers an interactive dashboard with in-depth analytics and a guide for step-by-step integration. Because of how simple it is to integrate this solution with third-party apps, customers have given it positive reviews. They loved how much easier it was to assess candidates. All sizes of enterprises are catered to. Perhaps the finest aspect of myinterview is that it offers businesses a special offering that offers a free video interview plan for life.

5. Workable

Hire workers remotely and progress the pipeline more quickly by using Workable. Staff employees have the option to record candidate responses and review them whenever they like thanks to the premium one-way screening platform known as the video interviewing tool. With Workable’s adaptable technique, hiring procedures can be streamlined and expedited for employees. The workers can also readily communicate with the teams and make well-informed decisions. Using on-demand video interviewing software, recording can also be done to meet any time zone or schedule.

6. Brazen

As part of a more significant user flow within their recruiting solution, Brazen is a virtual career fair platform with a video interview tool that enables users to conduct high-quality video talks in real time with prospects. Even when there are several candidates present at once, switching between text and video is simple. Soon, scheduled video conferences will also be accessible. Notably, Brazen also provides an HR chatbot that is capable of handling a large portion of the communications with each applicant.

Final Thought

When you’re hiring for a lot of roles that require phone screens, one-way video interview platforms are an exciting component of your hiring process. These systems shorten the time you spend interviewing candidates, giving you more time to focus on other duties, like choosing whether or not to hire them.

James Smith

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