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By ARZOO CHAUDHARY 1,401 views

How to Treat Pregnancy Dizziness Naturally?

There is a lot that a woman has to go through when she is pregnant. There is an overflow of emotions that contradict each other at every point. From feelings of ecstatic happiness to that of fearfulness, there is a lot that you might have to go through during these nine months. Actually, one of the major changes in the mental state of a pregnant woman is that of mood shifts and swings.

One moment she can really experience the blissfulness of giving birth to a new life, and on the other, she might just feel scared about the drastic changes that her body is undergoing. All three trimesters of pregnancy have some other modifications as their standards, and you will need to face them boldly. To do so, it is best to be aware of the changes and know the various standards of the same. This will reduce the overwhelmed feelings and also give you a chance to look for the treatments available.

Since medications are not recommended for women who are expecting a child and that too because it can affect the growth and development of the baby, there is an instant need and requirement to look for effective and ideal treatments that are safe. Natural treatments and home remedies are the best way to sober down any symptom causing you discomfort, pain, or irritation.

Tips for Treating Pregnancy Dizziness Naturally

One of the many prevalent pregnancy symptoms, especially during the early months, is that of dizziness. Since it is quite a common problem, there has been a lot of research to treat it in the best possible manner. Dizziness can also lead to fainting in severe cases. One of the main causes is fluctuation in the body’s sugar levels and hormonal changes. This guide will provide you with the top solutions and natural remedies to keep dizziness under control.

#Eat regularly

One of the major problems that lead to dizziness and faintness is lowering sugar levels in the blood. So, the best you can do is to eat regularly and at proper intervals. Make sure you have small quantities but then healthy food that helps balance the sugar levels such that you don’t have dizziness issues.

The trick is to eat small portions at equal intervals to make sure that you keep the equilibrium. Eating a heavy meal can at once shoot up the sugar level and thus create an adverse effect. You can keep some healthy finger foods in hand for the purpose and snack on them whenever you feel a little dizzy.

#Keep the body hydrated

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day is highly recommended when it comes to staying away from dizziness problems. Along with this, many other healthy drinks like fresh fruit juices, buttermilk, and coconut water can also be consumed to keep up the liquid levels in the body and avoid the symptom.

However, it is also suggested that you stay away from liquids that dehydrate the body. This includes caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee and even aerated sodas. Alcohol is also one of the drinks that should be totally avoided in pregnancy. Not only does it aggravate dizziness, but it also leads to a negative impact on your baby’s growth.

#Iron rich foods are beneficial

Anemia can be one of the major root causes of dizziness and faintness. Therefore, it is one of the best solutions to include good amounts of iron-rich foods and iron supplements in your daily diet. This will help in keeping up with the nutritional requirement and make things much smoother for you.

You can also consider eating loads of Vitamin C, which will help you sober down the issues. Iron storage is especially required for women who are expecting twins. So, make sure you adhere to this natural treatment to cure dizziness to a good limit.

#Avoid hot water baths

The lukewarm water bath is recommended for pregnant women compared to hot water baths that can lead to dizziness once you come out of the soak. This is a well-researched tip and one that you should follow seriously. Hot water baths have many other disadvantages attached as well. Try and opt for warm water soaks that provide comfort with a lot of symptoms, including dizziness.

#Foods to eat

Certain foods should be your top priority in daily meals when it comes to subsiding dizziness. Make sure that you at least adhere to two to three of them in combination to get maximum benefits and visible outcomes. The list of foods includes whole foods, dried apricots, and nettles in nettle tea, prunes, raspberries, raisins, blackberries, and blackcurrants. Whole sardines and organic salmon are recommended for women who love fish and want to get a dual benefit from it.

Along with this, try and use garlic as one of the natural ingredients in cooking, which helps trigger blood circulation and keep dizziness at bay, especially during the early months of pregnancy. Using garlic in cooking can help you stay away from the strong odor, which otherwise might become a reason for nausea due to high sensitivity to smell during these nine months.

#Dress well

Make sure you wear loose maternity clothes, especially around the waist and the neck areas. Tight clothes around these areas can definitely affect health by triggering dizziness. This is a simple natural tip to follow and should be kept in mind each time you go maternity shopping.

Tight clothes also hinder blood circulation, thus making it more uncomfortable and further chances of dizziness all day long. A great clothing option to keep dizziness away altogether during pregnancy is loose and comfortable maternity feeding tops. Not only for pregnancy, but you can also keep wearing them even after delivery for breastfeeding – this is the best thing about them.

#Avoid standing for a prolonged period

Make sure you don’t stand on your feet for long if you are suffering from regular dizziness issues. However, even if you do, make sure you are not stagnant and improve the blood circulation that will help as a cure.