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By AAYUSHI S 2,375 views

5 Effective Tips to Avoid Complications During Pregnancy

Expecting a baby is a beautiful feeling for the mother. A mother gets attached to the baby emotionally and mentally when the baby is in her womb.

The mother’s pregnancy period is very special for the mother, but the mother sometimes faces many problems during the pregnancy phase. If these problems are ignored, it can harm the health of the expecting mother and the baby.

These complications and problems can indeed be avoided if certain things are taken into consideration. In most cases, women are not conscious of maintaining a good lifestyle during pregnancy, resulting in many complications. Steps must be taken to avoid complications in pregnancy.

An expecting mother should remember that whatever she does in the pregnancy phase will directly affect the baby’s health. So, to give birth to a healthy baby and avoid complications in pregnancy, it is essential to follow the following tips and advice.

#Stick to a healthy and balanced diet

First of all, every pregnant mother should take proper food at the proper time. The requirement of nutrients increases in the body of a woman when she becomes pregnant. Regular food is not enough to supply the extra nutrients, and it is essential to increase the diet and eat healthy foodstuffs.

It is also essential to take some supplements to meet the increasing need for the required supplements. Go for a good doctor and ask him to prescribe good nutritional supplements. The intake of natural foods like fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables should be increased.

Diet rich in vitamin B complex, folic acid, and iron is also very essential. A doctor can help you chart healthy food and suggest the best foodstuffs necessary for a pregnant woman. Take plenty of water as the harmful toxins are flushed out from your body by water. Taking a good and healthy balanced diet can surely avoid pregnant women’s complications and give birth to a healthy baby.

So, avoid taking any oily food and snacks. These kinds of foods will create harmful effects on the heath of both the expecting mother and the baby. Taking healthy foods and eliminating junk and unhealthy foods is one of the vital steps that every pregnant woman should maintain to avoid complications in pregnancy.

#Avoid exposure to dust, chemicals, and harmful substances

All pregnant mothers should take proper precautions in their professional sectors. Some occupations involve harmful radiations, textile dust, and exposure to chemicals. These harmful things may create bad effects on the unborn baby’s health and lead to various complications.

If you are engaged in this kind of occupation, take effective precautions to avoid these harmful things. Try to take leave for some months if possible.

Moreover, it is advised to stop taking contraceptive pills 2-3 months before planning the baby. These kinds of pills can create harmful effects on the unborn baby. So, to avoid complications, intake of any medication must be avoided as it can directly impact the baby’s health.

#Follow a healthy lifestyle

Remember that the lifestyle of a pregnant mother has a significant effect on the health of the baby. Smoking and drinking habits should be eliminated as soon as possible as many kinds of complications result from these bad habits.

The nicotine present in cigarettes and the harmful components in alcohol can create direct and deadly effects on unborn babies. If you continue these habits in pregnancy, your baby can take birth with low weight and may die also. Try to become a non-smoking mom.

Try not to attend any late-night parties. It is essential to take complete and proper sleep when you are pregnant. To ensure a good night’s sleep during pregnancy, you should own a couple of lightweight cotton maternity feeding dresses that you can even use for breastfeeding after delivery. Also, it is vital to get up early in the morning and spend some time in meditation. This will relax the mind of the mother and give a very soothing effect to the child.

#Keep the stress away

You should try to keep yourself away from anxiety and stress. A high level of anxiety and stress creates harmful effects on the unborn baby and mother. Most women have huge work pressure and tension in the professional sector and at home in this busy life. But a pregnant woman should be conscious of getting rid of and stay away from this situation.

There have been many incidents of women having miscarriages after shouting matches or domestic spats. This is because your already taxed body doesn’t need any more pressure or strain or stress of any kind. It simply can’t handle it and breaks down.

It has been scientifically proven that the baby inside your womb can actually feel your moods too. So when you are happy and relaxed, so is he. Your mood swings, as the resultant tornado of hormones they cause inside your body, can profoundly impact your baby’s well-being.

Remember that good physical health is not enough for a pregnant mother; good mental health is also essential. Always try to be happy. Read comedy books that can make you smile. Consult with your boss to get low work pressure. Surely, you will give birth to a healthy baby without any complications if you are always happy and in good mental condition during pregnancy.

#Follow some exercise pattern

It is always advised to do exercise during pregnancy. Make a habit of doing exercises daily to avoid many kinds of complications during pregnancy. Go for taking the help of an expert who can better guide you about the right activities for the pregnant mother and the unborn baby.

At the same time, an expecting woman should avoid prolonged standing, pushing, and heavy lifting during pregnancy. When you have become pregnant, you should be aware of taking the above steps to prevent complications. All these tips are very effective in maintaining a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Remember that the time of pregnancy is crucial for the baby’s health. Whatever a pregnant woman eats, thinks, and follows will directly impact the health of the child. So, the expectant mother must try to make this time happy for her and the baby!

Aayushi S

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