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party planning
By JOE MAILLET 444 views

A Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing for a Party

Hey guys, in this article, I am going to discuss a step-by-step guide to preparing for a party. So keep reading for some useful tips.

Everyone loves a good party, but not everyone loves organizing them. There are a lot of moving parts to pull a shindig together, and for those less inclined towards planning and organization, party planning can get overwhelming quickly. Here we list five key preparations to make ahead of your upcoming event, to put you at ease when it comes time to pull it all together. So without any delay, let’s start our topic.

What’s the Theme?

Any party worth its salt deserves a theme, and this should be one of the very first things you decide upon. A theme can be a great entry-point for guests, not only to engage with the party and the reason for its occurrence but also as an icebreaker with other guests in your circle. Themes can ensure everyone has a reason to talk to one another and make for a light-hearted kick-start to the evening. Your theme can be as subtle or overt as you’d like, from a vague dress code to a full-on fancy dress bonanza – and the crazier you get, the more opportunity for themed party games to further increase the fun!

Set a budget

You can check out ways to trim the costs a bit. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • You can limit your refreshments to BYOB. 
  • Plus, you can serve light snacks instead of meals.

Moreover, you can choose the best day and time for preparing party. 

Draw Up a Guest List

Your next step should be the administrative one of drawing up a comprehensive guest list of everyone you would like to attend your party. When you come to the invitation part of the planning process, you want to make sure you don’t forget anyone – and creating a guest list is the most efficient way to do this. With a complete guest list, you can also make sure there aren’t any potential points of friction, in people that may not get along. This allows you to make executive decisions early on, and avoid any awkwardness when it comes to the party itself.

Sort Entertainment

How will you entertain your guests at your party? The conversation will only get you so far; music is a given, so ensuring you have the right DJ equipment to cue and play a pre-arranged playlist – or even invite some friends up to curate the music themselves – is a must. You could also introduce a gaming aspect to your party, and put an old console in the corner or a different room for people to challenge each other on. Impromptu Mario Kart tournaments can be a surprisingly effective addition to a shindig.

Plan Your Drinks and Snack Offering

You can take your party to the next level with the provision of drinks and food to keep your guests satiated throughout the evening. Whether you are cooking for ten people or 15 people. Make sure to have a range of beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic available, in order to cater to everybody – and likewise with food, ensure you have offerings that cater to all dietary requirements and be mindful of allergens if serving in a buffet style. Your food and drink could reflect your chosen theme for even more fun.

Draw Up Invitations

The first public-facing part of your party is the invitation, so make sure to put some effort into your invitation process. Depending on the style and mood of your party, your efforts could range from bespoke designed and posted RSVPs to e-invites; alternatively, you could use a social media platform to coordinate your party, allowing you to keep track of attendees’ plans ahead of the event itself.

Sending digital invitations is simple and eco-friendly. This saves you the extra cost of paper and can be specially designed to match your theme. You can send your invitation a month to two weeks in advance.

After The Party

Be sure to thank your guests. However, order them at the same time as your invites to save on shipping costs, if you want to use thank you notes. 

Furthermore, make sure all the outfits and decorations are taken down and you leave the venue as you plant it.


Figuring out how to plan a dinner party with this step-by-step guide, this process of preparing will be enjoyable. You can start with creating beautiful invitations that get your guests just as excited as you are.

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Joe Maillet

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