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Your product packaging has the power to boost your branding and marketing efforts. It can play an effective role in reaching out to a wider target audience. But for all of that, you need to get your custom packaging right. A little mistake can cost you losing potential buyers and tarnishing the brand’s image. Just like all other aspects of your branding and product promotion, packaging should be given prior importance. From design to picking a compelling text, finishing and all other details should be considered meticulously. For hair and lash extension businesses, it is vital to give significant attention to all the design and custom printing essentials that count for making their packaging professional and outstanding. Here are some mistakes that shouldn’t be made while customizing lash boxes!

Copying an Artwork for Custom Lash Packaging

Taking inspiration from contemporary and trending brands for packaging designs is good but copying someone’s original idea is unethical and bad for your business. When getting an artwork designed for your lash boxes wholesale, make sure that you don’t imitate some other brand’s design. Being original with your packaging artwork idea would make an instant and lasting impression about your business and is likely to compel potential shoppers into knowing about your product range. Have your product and brand’s concept incorporated in your packaging layout, this will make it easier for the buyers to understand what you are selling and appreciate your originality.

Using Poor Quality Stock for Lash Boxes

This one is likely to affect your credibility, product quality, and sales. Even if you are on a budget, tell your printer to share affordable quality stock options with you. Don’t compromise on the durability of your product boxes for saving money. This will lessen the life of your lash extensions and a customer would never make a purchase from you again. The longevity of your custom lash boxes depends on the thickness and features of printing material. You should be careful about making a choice regarding this. Do some research on the kinds and features of available stocks before locking an option; you will be able to find something according to your budget and requirements.

Using Conventional Marketing Messages on Custom Lash Boxes

While it is a smart approach to promote the striking features of a product through packaging you need to be convincing enough to get noticed. Do list down how your lash extensions are better from other available products in the market but don’t go overboard with praising and exaggerating about your brand. Use few and persuasive words to explain, why a shopper should prefer your lash extensions. Make your custom printed lash boxes interactive with pictorial details to grab the attention of potential buyers and sway them into checking out the products.

Lash Boxes Wholesale with Bad Finishing

Lash packaging with misprints and poor finishing will affect the perception of your product and brand. You need to clearly communicate with your printer that the finishing of your packaging can’t be compromised. Check every single box before packaging the product. It is always better to get additional quantity printed to avoid any issues.

Make certain that your custom lash packaging is scratch-free, has the matte/glossy finish that you asked for and is worth opening and keeping for the customers.

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