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Office 365 enables organizations to work collectively, communicate effectively, and create a seamless work environment. Be that as it may, Office 365—as substantial as it is—does have significant gaps. Nonetheless, you can fill in these gaps with useful integrations within Office 365 and boost your organization’s productivity.

Here are some key integrations to consider:

1.   Soapbox: to run better meetings

Soapbox allows teams to collaborate and share agendas, receive feedback, and assign future tasks from one place. Soapbox believes that the best way to improve organizational productivity is by asking everyone to work on the same channel. Additionally, involving everyone in the meetings allows for more meaningful conversation with a heightened team spirit. Soapbox is a healthy integration for Microsoft Teams and empowers teams to:

  • Prepare agendas during team meetings.
  • Take notes during meetings (by highlighting) and share them immediately with other members.
  • Get a review of the meetings with analytics.
  • Fill in awkward gaps by asking suggested questions.
  • Real-time employee feedback

2.   MindMeister – mind mapping

MindMeister is a mind-mapping application that allows teams to convert abstruse information into a graphical representation. The benefit of visual data is that it conveys all the information onto a single page for easy understanding. Besides, it also allows reviewing the key points discussed efficiently. Allowing teams to be more mindful about ideas and visualize those valuable ideas in real-time, MindMeister is a must-have application for any organization engineering to improve productivity. With MindMeister for Microsoft Teams, you can:

  • Design mind maps and shares them with the team
  • Work and edit the mind maps in real-time with the team members
  • Convert mind maps to a dynamic presentation
  • Take suggestions from team members through comments and votes

3.   Hive

Hive empowers teams by providing them with the flexibility to work in the way that best suits their needs. Organizations can adjust and portray projects in a Gantt chart, tables, Kanban boards, and calendars and perceive the data into a convenient layout. If there are any updates or suggestions, team members will get notified, irrespective of the format they are using. Moreover, Hive grants the merging of all the projects into a combined sheet giving the full view of the emerging prospects. In all,

  • Use action cards to track progress, assign to-do, collaboratively comment and add files
  • Interact with the team from within the app using the built-in Chatbox or through email
  • Use Hive Analytics, powered by AI, to track progress and assess risks
  • Record time spent on a particular project, resources allocates, and the future needs with the team members in real-time
  • Integrate numerous apps within Hive and work from one platform
  • The built-in email works with Outlook and Gmail.

4.   ScrumGenius —automate daily standups

ScrumGenius empowers managers to run automatic check-ins and track the performance of the team effectively. Organizing the updates, goals, progress, and challenges of the team members, ScrumGenius creates a seamless work environment by merging all these reports into a single place. You will have the following benefits with ScrumGenius:

  • Record conversations and meetings to get stats, outlines, needs, and other details with the help of the ScrumGenius bot
  • Instead of performing daily 15-min standups, gather the responses of the team members (anywhere, anytime) and share the generated reports with everyone
  • ScrumGenius has active collaboration with Github, JIRA, Azure Boards permitting you to explore tasks from those tools and incorporate them in the check-ins

5.   isLucid — create and capture task

isLucid is a voice-recognition application that transcribes conversations and provides details, brief reports, and actionable tasks helping team members to focus more on interacting. isLucid has one priority that is allowing team members to communicate effectively and clarify the responsibilities of individuals. With the help of high-quality transcriptions, isLucid creates minute documents and enables participants to share them with other teams in real-time. The benefits of integrating isLucid within Microsoft teams are:

  • Get high-quality transcription in real-time
  • Focus on communication rather than using pen and paper to write down details
  • Use timestamps to mark important agendas
  • Merge these tasks into project management software like JIRA, Azure, etc. from within the application
  • Get recommendations for future discussion based on earlier conversations

6.   Itrezzo — avoid redundancy

Itrezzo is a valuable integration for Microsoft Outlook that allows to sync shared calendars through Outlook to iPhone. With Itrezzo, the team members can access the company calendar in real-time from their iPhones. Reducing redundancy and avoiding duplication of the same task, Calendars play a critical role in organizational productivity. While Outlook is a first-rate tool for recording and sharing tasks, it comes with a major gap; teams can only view the calendar via their computers and not their iPhones. And Itrezzo fills in that gap by syncing the Outlook calendar and their iPhone calendars, allowing easy access. The benefits of using Itrezzo are:

  • Unify all the calendars and have them at your fingertips
  • Customize calendars sharing; only share aspects that concern one team and avoid the clutter
  • Teams will have access to the company calendars on their iPhones


Every organization has its own demands, and with these integrations, you can meet those requirements, increasing productivity, reducing redundancies, and organizing everything as per necessity.

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Rahul Ghundiyal
Rahul Ghundiyal
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