Holy Quran

The Holy Quran or the Arabic Language Translation is the final product of translating the Quran into other languages. The Holy Quran is composed of 114 Lessons or Verses and each Chapter has 22 separate verses. The Epistle (Kashf), which is the last verse of every Chapter, is not included in the Quran and has to be translated by Muslims from the original language. All the translations made on this topic are based on the original Arabic language and are therefore true Islamically.

The Holy Quran consists of 114 verses that have been carefully selected and arranged in the right way for understanding. Each Word is mentioned in its proper place and the sequence of the words in each verse is also preserved. No unnecessary or confusing words or phrases are allowed and the meanings of all the words are crystal clear. The translators are well aware of the rules regarding the placement and sequence of the verses in the Holy Quran and hence they work upon that principle all the time. The Holy Quran has been proved to be God’s ultimate guidance by all Muslims over the centuries. The Holy Quran contains all the necessities that a human being may require to lead a life of goodness and worship.

The Holy Quran was revealed by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to his followers when he lifted the curtain of revelation from their eyes. The verses were then read silently by the Prophet (SAW) to indicate the end of the day. This was the first time that the reading of the holy Quran was done without being answered. Through this method of revelation, only God’s words can be heard and understood by man. The Holy Quran is our final word or destiny; it is our prayer before going to bed and it is our final request before entering the house of worship.

The Holy Quran has been enriched in its language, style, rhythm, and structure through the centuries. Today, there are many books containing the holy Quran in its original Arabic language. This is due to the many conversions done by the Arabic language over the years. The original language was converted into the Modern Standard Arabic language in the 6th century and today this language is considered one of the most difficult languages to understand for the common man. A very difficult task indeed when you compare the Modern Standard Arabic with the traditional Arabic language.

Due to this reason, there are many who feel that it is a loss to translate the Holy Quran in such a manner. Fortunately, there have been a number of translators who have taken upon this task. There are numerous translators who offer services pertaining to holy Quran language translation. Though the cost might seem to be high for such a service there are certain factors that need to be considered when looking for a language translation service provider.

Language translation should be able to provide the meaning of each and every word. The translations should also be accurate in that they should be similar to the original meaning of the holy Quran. In addition, the translator must be able to provide the correct spelling of each word. Some people who are not experts in the Arabic language tend to commit mistakes in spellings of the holy Quran.

The quality of work of these translators is what determines their worth and trustworthiness. If the translator has not made any major translation in the past then it is doubtful if he/she will be able to translate the Holy Quran in a professional and accurate manner. Another important feature that can help you select the right translation company is the feedback from its earlier customers. Reviews of various companies that render translation services on a freelance basis can help you analyze the quality of work provided by them. Reviews written by customers who have previously used the services of these companies can also help you in selecting the right company.

Many people often question how come the holy Quran was revealed in a style that is not simple to understand. This is because the Holy Quran was revealed by the prophet Muhammad (SAW), so obviously it is not simple to translate. However, the language of the holy Quran is not simple to understand. Anyone who has a reasonable knowledge of English and a good command over grammar can easily comprehend this book. As mentioned above, the correct pronunciation of words in this holy book is absolutely necessary. The correct pronunciation of words helps in overcoming all types of translation difficulties.

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