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By CHAMSI PIRSON 1,612 views

5 Types of Reception Area Styles for a Commercial Office

The reception area gives visitors and potential customers a great first impression. So, you have to make this impression count. The ideal reception area is beautiful while reflecting your brand unique character. Designing your reception area needs professional assistance from a reputable interior design company. Their expertise and experience will make it easier to add your personality to your reception area.

The interior design company will help you make choices to give your reception area a distinctive style. There are various ways to make this area appealing in your office as you are about to discover below. After understanding the feelings you are looking forward to evoking in everyone who visits your office, it allows distinguishing your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Types of reception area styles

Welcoming and comfortable

For your brand to relate personally with visitors and put them at ease, adding some comfort elements in the reception area is a solution. Avoid pretentious elements and choose relatable pieces echoing a homely feel. This doesn’t mean including leather recliners in the reception area. The trick is to keep things personal with your brand in mind. A reception area with a homely vibe gives visitors comfort especially those that come in nervous. It makes this reception-style ideal for therapists and dental offices.

Offices offering personal services of committed to building customers also need a welcoming and comfortable reception area.

This should have features including:

• Seating with throw pillows for comfort
• Warm colors with softer textures
• Domestic accents like curtains and lamps
• Furniture with sturdy frames and stain-resistant material


For luxury brands targeting A-list clients who pay top dollar, hire Dubai interior design company for a prestigious reception area. This will impress all visitors to make them look forward to elite treatment. A luxurious reception needs more than gilded gold frames. The interior design company will add beautiful accents to give your reception an upscale look. Other features that can make your reception area to give visitors and clients a red carpet experience include:

• Shiny marble floor
• Impressive mahogany reception desk
• Leatherwaiting couch for visitors
• Beautiful and realistic fresh floral arrangements
• Dramatic and bold patterned lighting accents

Tranquil and calming

For a Zen-style reception area, the interior design includes clean lines backed by nature-inspired materials and minimal clutter. This gives visitors and clients a focused, calm, and centered feeling. Brands that seek to out visitors at ease or make them relax like spas need a tranquil and calming reception. Organizations focused on promoting love for nature also need this type of reception style. Calming spaces work for any company for inspiring focus and looking stylish. Some of the features of this type of reception area include:

• Vertical gardens and living walls
• An office aquarium
• Indoor water fountain or wall-mounted water feature
• Lighting fixtures with an ambient glow

Energetic and exciting

Make your brand appear trendy and forward-thinking, go for an energetic and exciting reception area. This reflects those values through a combination of styles and modern looks including bright colors and clean lines. Brands that need an energetic and exciting reception area include start-ups, creative companies, or other brands looking forward to projecting passion. Some of the features of this type of reception include:

• Bright pop color
• Fun features
• Accent or statement art pieces
• Inspiring slogans and signs
• Fresh or custom light fixtures

Eclectic and creative

To give your reception area an edgier and hipper vibe, make it eclectic and creative. All visitors walking into your office will feel cool. An eclectic and creative reception area is ideal for brands looking forward to standing out or to make people think creatively about it.

Some of the features that this type of reception area should have include:

• Murals and other art forms
• Unique furniture and seating
• Large colorful chandelier or sculpture
• Glowing brand logo

Benefits of choosing an ideal reception area style

After understanding the options for reception area styles, now you can select the ideal style to match your brand. However, it is very important to acknowledge the benefits of taking time to choose an ideal reception area style. Some of these benefits are highlighted below.

• Giving your office a positive atmosphere
• Promoting organization in your office
• Part of customer service strategy
• Boosting sales and business performance
• Makes your brand appear professional to clients and customers
• Enhancing staff attitude and work ethic for productivity

Bottom line

From our guide of ideal reception area styles, I hope you have noticed one that caught your attention. This should reflect your brand vision and mission. Keep in mind that each style of the reception area is best suited for a particular type of business. Working with a reputable interior design company can’t be ignored when looking forward to enhancing the look of your reception area. Professional assistance will ensure that your choice of reception area style comes to life in your office.

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