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Red Light Therapy

How Red Light Therapy can Help you & Your Family Overall Health

You must have heard before that exposing yourself to blue light during the night may reduce your sleep quality, contribute to depression, anxiety, and weight gain, and may even lead to hormone imbalances. However, what’s lesser-known is the fact that there are different other wavelengths as well that can have their biological effects too. And, it’s not just about light that enters human eyes, rather light can be sensed by our skin too and both types of exposure to light have a certain biological effect.

For example, near-infrared light and red light can have rejuvenating and healing effects on your body. And, that’s exactly why people resort to red light therapy to avail all the benefits it has to offer. If you are getting interested and want to find out how red light therapy can actually benefit your overall health, here we have a list of the top benefits it has to offer. Let’s take a look.

Increases Production Of Collagen & Skin Repair


The near-infrared and red light has the capability to penetrate deeper into our skin as compared to lights of other colors. And, this helps the healing wavelengths of this light to bring different benefits to your skin. For example, it can:

  • Improve skin tone, texture, and clarity
  • Assist in the fading of different scars that may exist on the skin as well as the stretch marks, if any
  • Increase collagen as well as elastin which help with suppleness and elasticity respectively
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Improve acne-affected skin by impacting the production of sebum and reducing inflammation

There have been studies to reveal that red light therapy helps heal the sun damage as well.

Helps With Your & Family Hair Growth, Shine, And Thickness

Helps With Your & Family Hair Growth, Shine And Thickness

Promoting hair growth doesn’t mean that red light therapy can help grow new hair in new places. However, there have been studies that show this therapy helps increase the activity of hair follicles. It can help with your overall hair health and can increase your hair thickness, shine, and density. So, you can buy the best baby hairbrush and give your beautiful tresses a gentle comb-over afterward. Yes, it will help increase the overall health of your hair.

Helps With Circulation And Detoxification

The lymphatic system activity is increased by Photobiomodulation which is known to assist with the detoxification process. Red light therapy is also known to help with better circulation of blood by forming new capillaries so that more oxygen and blood deliver nutrients right throughout the body.

Optimizes Energy Levels And Metabolism

Even though the entire mechanism hasn’t been completely understood yet, red light therapy helps increase the ability of the body to metabolize the accumulated fat. The underlying reason might be the adipocytes dispersion ability that it has. And, as you might already know, adipocytes are the cells that store fat. Besides, it helps boost mitochondria in the body that is the actual source of vitality inside us. So, you can expect a real energy boost with red light therapy that can help with your routine chores.

Beneficial For Hormones And Thyroid

Beneficial For Hormones And Thyroid

There has been enough research to support the fact that red light therapy is helpful with thyroid function in both men and women. Some evidence is also there to suggest that it might be helpful with the production of testosterone in men.

This list is just the starting point of all the health benefits that red light therapy has to offer. In fact, you can get this therapy once, at least, to discover for yourself how exactly it impacts your body and overall health. There will be lots of interesting things revealed.

Francie Natalyia

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