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risk of cancer
By NANCY AHUJA 2,082 views

Top Food Items that help Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Whatever you eat can have a deep impact on your body. And, if you are not eating right, then there is also the risk of developing life-threatening ailments like cancer, cardiac arrest and diabetes. The cancer cells start developing in the body, mostly due to the diet that you are regularly consuming.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the food items you are consuming are not causing any harm inside the body. The people who have already been diagnosed with cancer can only get a good treatment to improve the condition with the help of best cancer specialist in Delhi or any other place you want to get the treatment at. But if you are still lucky and have no symptoms at all, then this is the golden chance you have to boost your health and start eating healthy from now onwards.

There are a lot of edible items that contain various compounds that are good for health. These healthy ingredients actually assist in reducing the growth of cancer cells. Mentioned below are a few food items that could decrease the risk of developing cancer.


Various researches have shown that the people who consume carrots on a regular basis have a low risk of getting trapped by various types of cancers like stomach cancer and prostate cancer by almost 30 percent. So, if you are on an unhealthy diet, then it’s high time that you switch to eating healthy food.


This vegetable includes sufficient amount of sulforaphane, which is found in vegetables with anti-cancer benefits. Research has shown that this component in broccoli and other vegetables actually helps in decreasing the size of cancer cells in the body. So, if you really want to keep away from the risk of getting attacked by colorectal cancer, then it is highly recommended to start consuming broccoli as a regular ingredient in your meals.


This superfood is found to be extremely high in fiber content. This high fiber might prove to be helpful against colorectal cancer. Various researches for the same have come up with the fact that regular and proper intake of beans can actually help in reducing the risk of colon tumor.


Cinnamon is a kind of Indian spice that is loaded with various beneficial compounds. This magic ingredient helps in decreasing the blood sugar level together with reducing inflammation.

This food helps to kill the tumor cells together with reducing the degree of tumor growth and spread in the human body.

Olive oil

The next food item that works amazingly to help with cancer is olive oil. This component is filled with several benefits to health. Various studies have shown that regular consumption of olive oil can protect you against developing cancer in the body. The other facts that came up show that the people who regularly consume high-quantity of olive oil in their daily diet had lower chances of catching terrible and life-threatening ailments like breast cancer and stomach cancer.

Therefore, if you are still on an unhealthy diet and really want to boost your immune system to keep the growth of cancer cells in the body, then it would be just perfect to swap your regular oil with olive oil and take a step forward to keep your family healthy and fit inside.


According to medical science, the regular consumption of nuts drastically assists in decreasing specific types of cancer.

Various studies have come up with the fact that high consumption of nuts might assist in dropping the risk of cancer in humans. Moreover, it also states that some specific nuts like the Brazil nuts and walnuts may also help in dropping the risk of cancer.


Berries contain a high amount of component anthocyanins, which have amazing antioxidant properties. Therefore, the high consumption of berries can actually lend a hand in decreasing the risk of various types of cancers.

It has been noticed that the colorectal cancer patients who consumed bilberry extract and freeze-dried black raspberries were found at a lower risk of cancer as the growth of cancer cells in the body got decreased by nearly about seven percent. The berries also help in dropping the level of various markers linked with cancer succession. Therefore, if you want to stay protected against the growth of cancer cells in the body, it is highly recommended to add at least two berries to your daily diet.

Nancy Ahuja

Nancy Ahuja is a fitness and nutrition expert who believes in a healthy lifestyle. She likes to write about fitness and nutrition. She is also an expert adviser to the Medical billing Company who provides accurate patient billing, daily fitness tips, detailed fitness guides and reviews of fitness equipment.

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