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Reputation Management
By HERVE LARREN 1,558 views

Reputation Management – A Vital Practice to Follow For the Success of the Organization

According to Herve Larren, CEO of the leading reputation management company called Accurate Reputation, the reputation of an organization is something that is earned with a considerable measure of devoted diligent work and effort. In any case, it takes moderately little time for the same to be destroyed and lost.

The reputation of an organization must be managed effectively so that the reputation of the enterprise stays in place for the future. The Reputation management matters more for independent small business houses than the huge brands. Every entrepreneur should be extremely watchful about what people are saying on the web about them..

The Ways to Manage Reputation

It’s quite easy to talk about business reputation but in practice it’s very different. How would you know if people really like your brand / business? How would you measure its reputation?

According to Herve Larren, the most ideal approach in dealing with the reputation is requesting an honest public opinion of the organization.

Here are the key areas that must be covered to accomplish a successful reputation management for any small company:

  • Amazing Customer Service

And when we say amazing it has to be amazing. Imagine what happens if you don’t respond to a customer complaint? He could easily go on your social media channels and make it worse very fast. The customer can also tell his friends about his experience or just share this with his 1.5k Twitter followers. Bad news travels extremely fast in the digital era.  There is no such thing as patience anymore.

Amazing Customer Service

  • Business Reviews and Past Customers

According to Herve Larren, typically, most organizations and enterprises end up overlooking the blistering business reviews and opinion of the newspapers and business magazines. An organization should always check this remarks and reviews. You might have a customer that rates your business with 1 star but if you respond fast and understand his complaint you might get another chance with him, you might make him change his review and at the same time you also let other see that you care.

 Joe A Gonzale

  • Listening To Feedback and Advice

    This is the same as taking care of the feedback and opinion of the clients and business critics. It is wrong for an organization to accept a legitimate position in the market. The market is sufficiently wide and the clients can simply head for some different organizations and enterprise. So, do listen, listen to Facebook comments, tweets, reviews, forums, listen to people talking about your brand and act. Retention is not guaranteed if you don’t win customer loyalty.

    Listening To Feedback and Advice: Herve LarrenAccurate Reputation is the leading Online Reputation company in New York, which provide services to clear, protect and improve the way of organizations appear online. To know more how you can make an effective web presence of your business get in touch with Herve Larren.


Herve Larren

Herve Larren is the CEO of AccurateReputation.com the leading online reputation management Internet firm headquartered in New York, NY.

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