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Reputation Management Strategies for 2020

Reputation Management Strategies for 2020

Jesse Levine Norristown, an investigator with an extensive and successful track record, explore best strategies and tips to building successful reputation management.

Ever google yourself or your company lately? Take a minute to do and see the result. Here is a quick one: nearly 50% of American adults say the results are negative.

In a digitalized world where people have already reached conclusions about you (or your business) even before meeting you in person, you might want to take our online reputation seriously. 

Amazingly, with Google being the giants and number one go-to for information about everything, your audience will most likely believe what Google tells them more than anything.

From partnering to securing a loan, to researching up job candidates to potential employers, somebody, somewhere is looking you up online and will likely be making decisions based on what they see.

And whether you are a multi-billion dollar enterprise or you are a small startup with full aspirations, prospects, partners, customers, and practically anyone are saying something about you.

That is to say,  a negative online reputation can ruin what you have build-up for years while positive ones can be the key to success. Hence, your online reputation is one of your valuable assets, something you can’t overlook this year, 2020. Here is Jesse Levine Norristown to give more insights on the best strategies and tips to building successful reputation management.


Protect your territory

The first thing is to know and understand what exactly search engines are saying about you, your business or brand and protect the landscape. Well, how is it possible?

93% of internet users will not scroll past the first page. That means if anyone googles your name or business, it has to appear on the first page of the search result. In fact, this is more important than your business card. 

Then read up the information and see what people have to say about you. Scrutinize to see the ones that are positive, neutral, subjective or negative. Identify if the writer is making a defamatory statement to spoil the company, or it is a false allegation. If there are any negative reviews or opinions, you might want to reach out to the writer and work with them, reach a compromise and see how they can get it changed.

Consider working with your online reputation manager where it is defamatory, or false.  Try reaching to the webmaster to get the negative ones removed. And if this isn’t forthcoming, shelve negative ones down the last pages of SERP and promote the positive ones.

Don’t ignore your social media account

If you aren’t active on your social media account, it is high time you start taking them seriously. 

And if you think not getting one will keep you away from trouble, your customers will still turn to social media platforms to talk about you whether you like or not. Moreover, how do you intend to keep up with the competitive world without active social media profiles?

Your social media can improve your search rankings and it can boost your engagement and reputation scores. 

While at it ensure you are posting relevant content regularly and staying active. No one will interact with you or your brand if you are outdated or your social media accounts appear not to have been used for years. 

Build your online brand

You will have to go beyond only your company name -to building your brand online. If you do not have a business as well, having a personal branding is very important. Simply put, it is one of the valuable assets for a successful career. 

What do you want to be identified with? What will pop out of people’s minds when your name is being mentioned? What do you represent? What are your areas of expertise and do you project them?

“Any contents, stories, or even videos shared should lead the audience back to who you and what your audience will love. When you continue engaging with your audience, you will be surprised by how many advocates you will win.”Jesse Levine Norristown says.

Don’t be caught in online trolls

The internet is giving power to the people and consumers are getting more bolder to write about companies’ mistakes, write a review of their experiences with businesses or even start a troll about an individual or company.

Well, while this happens, the dark side of our emotions tend to surface and the gut feeling is just to respond immediately. Beware, Don’t get caught in the bait. 

In case of a negative review, write a prompt and simple message that you are looking into the issue and it will be resolved as soon as possible. Be nice in your response and don’t be rude. Don’t forget, your audience is watching you and the internet world never forget. 

Moreover, if you find that your business is wrong, be quick to make apologies and own up to the mistakes. It really doesn’t cost anything to apologize. 

Ask for help if necessary

If you find the whole online reputation management cumbersome or you feel you aren’t doing enough, you are not alone.

Reputation management requires investment: time, money and commitment. Seek professional help to manage your online persona” says Jesse Levine Norristown.

Jesse Levine Norristown

Founder Jesse Levine of Norristown, Pa established the school in 2019, in tribute to his son Alex Levine. Alex was a developing singer/songwriter and outstanding teacher who was deeply loved by his guitar students and their parents.