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The world turns to Artificial Intelligence with the continued growth of technology. We now have self-driving cars, intelligent face scanners, and so on but there are concerns about AI. Concerns are spreading among the populace. For the scientific people, it’s about the potential for damage should AI be used for nefarious purposes. For the science fiction people, Skynet comes to mind.

Summarily, Artificial Intelligence is a self-thinking machine. Artificial intelligence is referred to as computer technology, which is about machines that have been programmed to perform work requiring human thoughts. One of the easiest examples of this that comes to mind is self-driving vehicles.

Your concerns about Artificial intelligence are valid as you would be sharing the view of modern technology expert, Elon Musk who himself has developed Artificial Intelligence for different purposes. Artificial Intelligence carries the potential of a threat as AI tech has made significant progress in recent years. To what extent is Artificial Intelligence a threat, you ask. Please stick with us and find out.


Learning about AI requires expertise and research much more than what you’ll need for your UK dissertation. Studying Artificial Intelligence is a continuous process owing to the many ways by which it can be used. It is these ways that carry the potential of a threat. You see, Artificial Intelligence itself is not evil but it’s the way that it is used. This is premised on the fact that presently most Artificial Intelligence tech is referred to as Narrow Artificial Intelligence. This means that Artificial Intelligence can only work in a specific way. Artificial Intelligence could be programmed to help with your assignment.

The threat arises when a narrow AI is tasked with the duty of causing chaos or when there is the intentional creation of general artificial intelligence. So, there is the threat of Artificial Intelligence and it is not just a fad created by the Media for engagement. Humans still have to oversee the tech in order to reduce the threats that are attached to it.

To see the ways by which Artificial Intelligence can be threatening, read on.

The Risk of Artificial Intelligence

Scientists are now careful of Artificial Intelligence as the rate at which Artificial Intelligent tech is going, there is this possibility of it being smarter than human being soon and essentially become the apex creature on earth. The ways by which Artificial Intelligence is risky are;

Programming Artificial Intelligence for Unethical Uses

Imagine warfare being fought with the use of weapons integrated with Artificial Intelligence systems. That would be terrible as the aspect of morality which guides man in the conduct of warfare would be dispensed with. This kind of warfare could even be more targeted as such a weapon’s system can be used against certain people. Overall, the Artificial Intelligence would be programmed to achieve would be victory and it would look for that victory, no matter the cost. Chilling isn’t it? This form of warfare would be deadlier as obtaining Artificially Intelligent would be cheaper than obtaining nuclear weapons.

In the same vein, Artificial Intelligence could spell doom for digital privacy as criminals could programme an Artificial Intelligence which would hack people’s data and make them available for use in any manner the criminal sees fit.

Potentially Trivialisation of Human Labour and Deepening of the Social Divide

The major risk of Artificial Intelligence is that it can displace the need for human labour. This won’t be the first time technology would cause unemployment but it could be particularly devastating as unlike technology that does the heavy lifting in industrial work, there would now be the technology that would “think” for the industry without the input of humankind.

The loss of jobs would further deepen the social divide that exists among humankind as those who have the financial capacity can always bounce back and make investments that would keep them relevant. Unfortunately, those who don’t have the financial capacity carry the potential of tumbling into ruin.

Minimizing the Risk of Artificial Intelligence

  1. One of the ways to achieve this is to regulate the use of Artificial Intelligence strictly. Artificial intelligence would be allowed to be used for certain works while it would be completely criminalised to use AI for other kinds of purposes.
  2. On the issue of data privacy infringements by Artificial Intelligence, you could prevent that by using an Artificially Intelligent defender for your data. This would checkmate the use of Artificially Intelligent hacking systems by criminals.


The growth of Artificial Intelligence is scary as well as it is amazing. For the precautions that tech gurus are taking, there is the feeling that the current Artificial Intelligence technology is not intelligent to displace a human but such occurrence is no longer far off.

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