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6 Different Types of Rug Materials

Are you finding it challenging to decide on the type of rug that you need for your interior decor? 

Even if rugs are readily available, it can be challenging for you to choose what best suits your needs. To ensure that your rug selection captures the ambiance and luxury you are looking for, you should first understand the different types of rug materials available.

 Below are six types of rug materials to help you decide.

Woolen Rugs

Are you a naturalist? Rugs made of wool are perhaps the most natural ones that you will find on the market.

Such types of rugs are made up of natural fibers woven together either by machine or hand. 

The main reason why you would opt to go for these rugs is that they are conventional and last longer. They are of the most excellent quality, which makes them more appropriate for high-traffic spaces. 

However, on the downside, woolen rugs are expensive compared to the generic ones on the market, which may sometimes make them pocket unfriendly.

Silk Rugs

If you love style and luxury, then silk rugs are what you need for your home or office. Just as the name suggests, silk rugs are made of silk, which makes them add a luxurious touch to your interior decor.

Due to the cost of silk fabric, most rugs are never 100% silk. What makes silk rugs a favorite to many is their luxurious shine that creates a relaxed but jolly mood. The fabric also is delicate and soft to the touch, giving it a soothing effect, and the best selection for many.

Since silk rugs are exceptionally light, it can be stressful to get them cleaned and maintain newness, which means that they should be used in places where people frequent them less often.

Jute Rugs

Go 100% natural. Jute rugs are made from the lignin and cellulose of jute plants. The rugs are fibrous and 100% original, thus popular in many homes. 

These rugs become the best options in vast spaces that require large rugs. As these rugs are heavy and easier to find, they are most used under some fine and cozier rugs such as those made of silk. The significant advantage of using jute rugs is that they are natural and cheap to purchase. 

This becomes economical for individuals who want to use larger spaces, especially those with high traffic since the fabric is resistant to tear and wear. 

However, on the negative side, these types of rags are not easy to clean due to their heavy texture.

Polyester Rugs

Polyester rugs are synthetic types made of petroleum products such as polyester and other synthetic fibers.

What makes these rugs common in homes is that they are cheap to obtain, and so,  an option more so when one wants to do a quick interior decor fix. These materials are never natural; therefore, they wear out relatively faster than those made of conventional fabrics.

Also, the rugs become dirty fast because they do not trap dirt the way the natural materials do.

Polypropylene Rug

This type of rug is made from polypropylene, and so it is synthetic. Polypropylene rugs are mostly used due to their pocket-friendly costs, but their quality cannot rival natural fabrics such as wool, silk, and jute. These rugs are easy to clean and rarely fade. However, this material is not environmentally friendly, which would make eco-conscious people avoid them.

Faux Hide and Fur Rugs

Do you fancy animals hide or fur in your living room? Then a faux fur rug or hide should be your first choice.

These rugs are expensive because of the luxurious atmosphere that they create wherever they have been used. However, these rugs shed off a lot of furs, which sometimes makes them messy, but this tends to diminish with time.

With this helpful information, you are good to go.

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