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Satisfy Your Seafood Cravings at The Boiling Crab

If you are craving big, juicy, spicy, flavourful, and succulent crabs, then check out The Boiling Crab. The Boiling Crab is one of the biggest seafood establishments in Mississippi. It is owned by YoDaddy and YoMama. It serves seafood that has bold flavours and mild flavours, depending on the customer’s choice. They have locations across Australia and in other countries.

How it started

It started in Seadrift, Southeast Texas, the U.S. It is a small town with as little as 2000 residents in it. In that small town, there lived a man called YoDaddy who lived with his relatives. His relatives are also fishermen and crabbers like him. Their occupation is not a strange one because their town is a fishing town that is near the sea. Hence, most residents of Seadrift are fishermen or crabbers. They take out their boats in all seasons to fish for seafood, so they can sell or eat them. Even though their work is hard, they joyfully go out to work and relax with their family during the weekends. They eat the fruits of their labour with their family by boiling, grilling, or frying the seafood. These men also accompany the food with chilled beers to wash down the food.

About YoDaddy and YoMama

More than two decades ago, YoDaddy met the love of his life, later known as YoMama. YoMama came from Kansas, a Midwestern town in the US. Unlike Seadrift, Kansas doesn’t have an abundance of seafood. Therefore, YoMama had little contact with special seafood preparations, although this changed when YoMama met her husband (YoDaddy). Nevertheless, YoMama is a consummate cook who has a flair for hosting family and friends. People who have come in contact with her can attest to her superb cooking skills and hospitality. All the events she has hosted so far are accompanied by good food and drinks.

How The Boiling Crab Came to Be

YoMama infected YoDaddy with her hospitable spirit and affable personality. While YoDaddy influenced YoMama with his love for seafood and seafood delicacies. As a result, YoMama learnt how to cook seafood delicacies. While YoDaddy collaborated with YoMama and opened their doors to people around them. Then both realized there are very few excellent seafood restaurants around them. Thus, in 2004, they decided not to waste their talents and put them to good use. The result is the birth of The Boiling Crab! The restaurant was opened for families and their friends to enjoy authentic seafood in their localities. They provide fresh seafood that is tasteful and appeals to all taste buds. After a while, YoMama and YoDaddy expanded their restaurants in other cities and countries. They have many branches like The Boiling Crab Glen Waverley and many others.

So if you’re craving a juicy crab today, check if there is a Boiling Crab branch near you and order.

About The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab sells fresh seafood all year round, no matter the season. Many people think that The Boiling Crab and its fishermen are like other establishments. Well, they are wrong. The Boiling Crab’s fishermen don’t just sit down to narrate stories. Neither do they converge in beer parlours, drink unlimited beers, and talk all night long. What they do is catch seafood, go home to be with their families, and cook their catch. And sometimes, they have a drink or two with their families. The Boiling Crab isn’t about narrating fisherman stories to the audience. It is about creating a unique experience that is specially made to intrigue the customers. When you go to the restaurant, you can find the stories written on beer splits and bibs. The restaurant believes that stories are better told through the taste of their food. So also are the experiences of their workers and customers.

The aim of opening the restaurant

The Boiling Crab is a family enterprise that is more than two decades old. The aim of opening the restaurant is to cater to all types of customers and introduce them to Cajun cuisine. Furthermore, it has since expanded into other territories globally. Others have tried to copy The Boiling Crab’s recipes but failed to recreate that authentic taste peculiar to the restaurant. Boiling Crab aims to provide the best quality seafood to satisfy their customers across all nations.

Recipes include:

  • Different varieties of crabs and their body parts
  • Other seafood like mussels, crawfish, oysters, shrimp, lobsters, and clams.
  • Sauces like Cajun and lemon pepper, garlic, and many more.
  • Spices according to the taste of the customer.
  • Fried seafood, seafood baskets or chicken baskets.
  • Extras like Chowder (Cajun), corn, fries, potatoes, gumbo with or without rice, sausages, and so on.
  • Toppings like mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup, and so on.


The Boiling Crab is the epitome of fine dining at its best. No matter which branch you go to, you will enjoy your dining experience and crave more seafood.

Similarly, The boiling crab has many things to offer its diners. However, not all of these above-mentioned menus can be found at The Boiling Crab branches. So you need to call to ask before booking a table.

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