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Things to keep in mind for selecting Seat Covers for Chairs
By KAREN ANTHONY 879 views

Things to keep in mind for selecting Seat Covers for Chairs

When you are out to search for seat covers for your dining or patio chairs, you will be overwhelmed to see the options out there. To narrow down your selection criteria and get the best available product matching your exact needs, it is vital to know about a few basics of chair seat covers. In the end, you may not want to end up with an uncomfortable no-value-for-money. So, go through these tips carefully and make a wise and informed choice of your chair seat covers.

Fundamentals of chair seat buying

What material is it made of?

While looking for a chair seat cover, you may come across many materials like cotton, linen, plastic, vinyl, and so on. Each of these serves various purposes too. Cotton is a breathable material that will protect your chairs and at the same time will not let the moisture to accumulate inside the cover. Vinyl is a fully waterproof material, and it is also clean to wipe clean the vinyl covers with a wet cloth. To decide over the material, you need first to analyze your needs and the risks you want to protect your chairs.

Where are your chairs placed?

The protection needs for indoor chairs like dining or living room chairs are different from outdoor chairs. For indoor chairs, you have to look for breathable clothes than being waterproof, whereas, for a garden chair, you must get waterproof seat covers for chairs to protect the same. Aesthetics of the chair cover may also be a major consideration while looking for indoor chair covers.

Does it fit well?

Chairs now come in all different shapes and sizes. So, it would help if you considered the dimensions of your chairs too while looking for fitting chair covers. Ideal chair seat covers may be of a snug fit. Too big or too small chair covers are not recommended. Many options out there at the online stores are of the one-size-fits-all type of chair covers, not an expert choice. If you are not sure of the cover’s size to buy, first measure your chair by covering its length, width, and height of it to calculate the appropriate cover size. If you are using a branded chair, it may be an ideal option to search online for the covers fitting to the model number to find custom fitting chair covers made for the dimensions of that particular model.

Along with the above fundamentals, you also need to consider aesthetics and functionality while choosing chair covers. If you are keeping the chairs covered for a longer period, remember that dark colors like black may absorb more heat, and may not be ideal to choose these colors to cover your outdoor chairs at a sunny location. When it comes to practicality, try to get seat covers easy to put on and remove. Many models of seat covers are also coming with ties on it so that you can knot it down to the chair legs so as not to be blown off during wind or rain.

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