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self motivation

Self Motivation Tips for Business Growth

The journey to a successful business has never been easy. Even the most successful businessmen on the planet will testify that it was a bumpy ride before they got there. “The key to keeping going even when the going gets tough is self-motivation. However, motivation is not always every day. Today, you are driven by passion and all up and running. Tomorrow, you find yourself falling out, says Jacqueline Nagle, a passionate Mentor, Strategist, and Speaker.

Well, you are now an entrepreneur. You aren’t accountable to anyone and no one is above you expecting you to meet or even exceed expectations. This is why you need to be self-motivated if you want to be successful in the business world.

“One of the powerful forces that impact your motivation greatly is having the right mindset, Jacqueline Nagle says. This content will explain more about how your mindset can affect your motivation and other self-motivation tips to get you going on your entrepreneurial journey.

Have the Right Mindset

Having the right mindset is one of the most important things business people must possess. It mirrors your attitude towards your work, commitment, and how you feel about your business. Have a positive mindset and you will know you will believe everything will work for your good even if there is nothing good about the circumstances. Have a negative mindset and see how your fears play right in front of you.

Your mindset will determine how optimistic or pessimistic you are. A negative mindset produces negative feelings, undermines your efforts, limits thinking and creativity, and produces a whole lot of other negativities. A positive mindset, on the other hand, makes you have a better outlook on life, causing you to turn a negative situation into a good one in no time. Hence, having a positive mindset even amidst the storm is the key to calming the storm.

Create Motivation-boosting Strategies

Here are strategies are given by Jacqueline Nagle to help you

1. Set High Goals

Every business owner should have goals and a vision statement of where they expect the business to be. These goals are enough motivation to get going. Write them down, read them, memorize them, keep them everywhere-your office and house. Seeing them will remind you of where you are going.

2. Have a Vision Board

Have a list of the things that can help you reach your goal. These are people, places, activities, things that can stand as motivators.

3. Have a List of Attitudes or Behaviors you need to Change

Procrastination, focusing on too much at once, not delegating, not daring to take risks and so much more. These and more are entrepreneurial behaviors and bad habits that can hamper success. Identify yours and formulate strategies that can help you to change.

4. Prioritize

Prioritize your work and plan. You can start with a simple task and work your way up or begin with an important one. While at it, set reminders daily for the plans you made for the tasks. This will let you stick to the plans and get work done.

5. Track Progress

Keep a tab on your progress. When you see you are making headway, it will inspire you to forge ahead.

Master the Art of Self-motivation

Different things can affect the mood and hamper motivation especially when we aren’t getting the desired result, says Jacqueline Nagle. But there are ways you stay motivated no matter the season your business is

1. Focus on the End Goal

It is important to keep to always focus on what you and those around you get to gain when you keep pushing. Focusing on the reward will motivate you to keep running the business race.

2. Become Highly Self-motivated

One thing is, sometimes you might not even see anyone pat you on the back and tell you how well you are doing. You are your own number one cheerleader and you have got to understand that. And sometimes, you might just simply have to get up and do it even if you aren’t motivated. Don’t always wait to be motivated.

3. Keep Affirming Yourself

Affirmations are one of the powerful things that can lighten a gloomy mood and get you pumped for actions. Put those affirmations words or quotes where you will easily be able to see them. Even when tired, they are subtle reminders that you can’t give up.

4. Be Grateful

Look back on how far you have come, milestones you have crossed, goals you have reached, things you have been able to achieve, and be grateful for them all. When you are down, you are less likely to be drowned by any disappointments or struggles and it tells you your efforts are paying off.

Work with Others to Help you Build Success

The entrepreneurial journey is not to be walked alone. When you move with others, you go far. Here are ways you can work with others to stay motivated and achieve success.

1. Have an Accountability Partner

This could be a business coach, a mentor, or even a friend. This is someone that can encourage you to do more and remind you of where you are going.

2. Seek Business Inspiration from Others

Having people of like-mind who are on the same page with you and have already walked through what you are passing through can be invaluable. That is why you need to make friends with other business owners and you can always get to meet them at conferences and events.

3. Hire an Expert

You cannot be an expert in everything, therefore, delegate duties. Hire experts who are great in some areas of work and focus on what you do best.

Learn to Take a Break

“Entrepreneurs are always caught up in the daily grind, drowned in the pool of business while forgetting about themselves. Sometimes, what you need is a break. A time for yourself, indulging in self-care, meditating, rewinding, and just loving the moment. This way, you are refueled, re-energized to take things back up, Jacqueline Nagle advises.

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