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America is a city filled with individuals who love to work. This has led most of the people to move from the suburban communities to somewhere close to their work. Life of a city in apartments does have its own charm but one does start missing the community vibe. Presently, Americans are starting to realize the importance of living in a shared suburban community.

Suburban communities are present in every other city of America. Even in developed states like Florida, there are counties like Lakeland that offer their residents a suburban vibe. According to Lakeland FL realty, most of the houses in this community are based on the concept of saving the environment and natural resources.

Water waste is quite common nowadays. To prevent this kind of waste, people started to introduce a septic tank system in the draining system of their household.

What is a septic system?

A septic system is a water-saving system that comprises an underground septic tank. Ideally, the tank is located at the back or on the side of the property. The water going out from the sinks drains and even toilets go to this tank. The water type is named as:

  • Gray water (drains, sinks, etc.)
  • Black water (toilet water)

Are septic tanks like sewerage systems?

This tank is designed in such a way that the waste material from the drains is separated and the water is released in the outdoor soil. In shorter words, you can say that a septic tank is more or less like your local sewerage system controlled by the government.

However, your local sewerage system connects are the drains of a particular city. If we talk about America, the cities with apartments are more inclined towards sharing a sewage system. On the other hand, rural and suburban communities are happier having a septic tank system installed in your place. According to a recent report, 47% of suburban regions are still using the septic tank system for their residence.

Why choose a house with a septic tank?

Are you looking forward to moving? If Lakeland FL is one of your choices to move, we think that you must consider some advantages of moving to a house with a septic tank or at least consider installing one on your arrival.

Many people worry about septic system repair and maintenance as this can be a time-consuming task. But, with proper guidance and the fact that you will be saving some extra bucks instead of paying them to the government for sewage, it is all worth a little effort.

Let’s discuss some of the most beneficial reasons why installing a septic tank will help you save the environment and your health.

It will help you save money

One-time Investment

Several different reasons indicate that a septic tank will help you save some extra bucks. The process starts all the way from installation and goes till the date you have to sell your premise. Unlike sewage systems laid by the government, your septic tanks are considered as a one-time property and an investment.

No Taxes

A new installation cost will be much lesser than the cost that is incurred to install sewage pipes on a newly built house. It is an extremely cost-effective option and once it’s a part of your house, you really don’t have to pay additional tax on it. To put it simply, they don’t come with a monthly charge. It is just a great way to save money.

No Repair Costs

Unlike the sewage lines, your septic tank is your personal property and you get to care for it the way you like. This is one of the major reasons why many people have reported them to be long-lasting with no repair costs.

Septic tanks are environmentally friendly

Does Not Contaminate Water

Unlike your sewage systems, septic tanks have not reported cases that lead to the contamination of groundwater that is being provided to a complete city. This is because the water tends to stay within the particular range of the house. You don’t go around contaminating water for literally everyone in your community in case of a leak. Since this water is only consumed by you and your family, there is no fear that the leaked water might contaminate your everyday use of water with deadly bacteria or diseases.

Reduces Pollution

They are also known to reduce pollution. Just recently, the American Lung Association has launched a report that discloses Lakeland FL as the 22nd cleanest city in the entire country. We can say that septic tanks do play a major role in cutting back that water pollution with the help of drain fields and leach fields. All the wastewater is strained before it enters the soil to prevent any bacteria to reproduce.

Promotes Plant Growth

They recycle water to such a huge extent that it actually helps the plants and even the wilderness living nearby. Water released in nature after filtering and cleaning promote the growth of plants. These plants are a food source for many little creatures and trees. So next time if you hear the chirping a bit louder, just remember that it is because of your septic tank.

It helps the owners save water

With the water crisis being a real cause that is affecting millions of people across the world, septic tanks allow their homeowners to contribute and become more efficient with their water consumption.

Considering the amount of everyday available water that can easily be handled by a septic tank and its piping, there seem to be different habits that people can practice to reduce the pressure on septic systems. As a result, breakdowns and septic system repair emergencies are becoming less common. Any of the major causes of progressive pressure on septic systems include:

  • Overuse of water in the laundry
  • Overuse of water in showers
  • Water waste while brushing teeth
  • Using the dishwasher too frequently

These basic everyday activities lead to using gallons of water every week. Even though you can use much less than what you normally use. Septic tanks will allow you to understand how unnecessary this water waste is.

How to prevent overuse of water?

There are multiple ways that you can implement moderation in your day to day water consumption.

Here are some of the tips:

  • Try running the washing machine to clear your laundry loads when your laundry basket is full of dirty clothes.
  • Instead of using the dishwasher after every single meal, just use it by the end of the day or when the machine fills up.
  • If you wash your dishes in the sink, make sure that you soap the dishes first and then wash them all at once instead of soaping and rinsing them at the same time while the tap is running.
  • When you are lathering up your hands, just turn the tap off even it is for a few seconds.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing the teeth.


Septic tanks come with a lot of environmental and personal health benefits. If you are looking for a house with septic tanks, contact the best Lakeland FL realty and they will find the house of your dreams for you. Once you understand that the benefits of a septic tank outweigh those of your general sewage system, there is no going back.

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