Shoes are an inevitable accessory in fashion and for many years, they have been on the very forefront of designer fashion. But even if we’re not talking about those which cost $10,000 for a pair, everyone wears shoes and they can so often make or break an outfit. You might have a personal preference for the style and fit, but we are all dependent on the trends that the industry puts out, so let’s see what the biggest hits will be in the next season.

The UGG substitute

When the temperatures get lower, we need something to keep us warm, because all colds start with cold feet. There’s really nothing warmer nor more comfortable than a fur or shearling-lined shoe, but where the UGGs have been taking charge for years, we now want something more structured and stable. And we’ve been given just that, with fur-lined everything from pumps to over-the-knee boots to suit any outfit. If you want your fashion to stay cruelty-free (and why shouldn’t you?), make sure that both the fur and the leather are substitutions.

Floral boots

A very beautiful and feminine trend that raced the catwalks was an abundance of lines of amazing floral boots. During the cold, grey fall months, having something as bright and refreshing like a bold floral pattern on your boots is really all one can ask for. They come in all sizes, from anklet to thigh-high and in many different prints to match any occasion. If you want to stick to the tone of fall, you can go for something more muted, like mustard or beige background. These are quite the statement piece, so try pairing them with an outfit that is more toned-down to make sure there aren’t elements fighting for attention.

Wrap around the ankle

Flats, sandals and heels, everything looks better when it extends up your ankle. This is especially useful for heels, because it gives your ankles stability – perfect for people who don’t feel all that confident in their ability to walk in heels. The regular old leather strap is a classic, but there are now more innovative ideas, like one thick strap instead of multiple small ones or big ribbons and satin bows that drape to the side of the ankle and foot. These definitely give a more elegant and dressier feel to the shoe, making them perfect for a night out.


Oh my, so many feathers. This summer, you’ve probably seen slip-ons where the strap is completely covered in feathers, but for the fall, designers are really taking the feather trend up a notch. Probably the most unique pieces are the ones that have feathers attached to the heel, rather than the straps, giving it a very avant-garde look. Remember that these can really be a hit-or-miss, especially with the quality of feathers, so make sure you’re buying high-quality, stylish models.


Here’s a personal favorite of the season: embroidery. Some might think of old jewelry boxes and grandma’s pillowcases, but for those keeping an eye on fashion, you’ll know that embroidery has come back with a very nice bang. You can find things like fully embroidered pieces, or simple, black shoes with embroidered details. The latter has a very Desigual effect and it’s a nice touch to a formal outfit, while the fully embroidered, colorful pieces can be more of everyday wear.

Some things that we’ll see continue from the summer season are big, chunky sneakers and footwear with far too many buckles serving as décor, so keep an eye out for those as well. Fashion is getting so versatile and big brands pick up on trends fast, so you can have great fashion pieces that match your style, at an affordable price.

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