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Shoe laces
By MIKE HAYNES 1,317 views

Shoelace Colors That We Most Recommend

Elastic shoelaces are wonderful innovations, and hopefully the best that could have happened to sneaker collectors in years. They add comfort, leisure, and freedom to any sneaker and to its wearer. If you are not a owner of elastic shoelaces yet, what are you waiting for? They are a real bargain and come in a variety of colors.

But before you do so, it should be worth mentioning that there are many different kinds of colors available for elastic shoelaces. If you do not have a favorite color, or prefer to not buy elastic shoelaces in your favorite color, a question that you might be asking is “Which color should I buy?” Here are our most recommended choices for elastic shoelace colors.

Golden Yellow

Do you often at times feel like a winner? Perhaps you dress in a certain way that associates yourself in gold and luxury? For people who possess this kind of personality, there are golden yellow shoelaces that you can purchase. Arguably the best color sneaker that goes well with this color of shoelace is black. Black is clean, mysterious, and sophisticated. White works with yellow gold, too, making for a sneaker that looks rather vintage and classic in appearance. And of course, yellow gold is a color that many different sports teams use to represent their passion of winning. You can’t install gold chains as shoelaces, but golden yellow shoelaces are the next best thing for consumers with the so-called “swag”.


One of the most common shoelace colors is black. You might already have cotton shoelaces in black, but if not, you likely wish your sneakers did. Black is the ultimate color of darkness, in which any light and bright colored sneaker works as a great secondary color. No matter if you own sneakers in Carolina blue, pink, or even grey, black shoelaces have always been known to be show-stealers when style is the thing that you are aiming for. Black is also one of the best color for hiding dirt and stains. If you are thinking of buying and collecting many colors of shoelace, black is always a must-own color, just like any sort of clothes that you wear.


Arguably the second most popular color of shoelace, white is the ultimate color of light and purity. White is a classic color that goes well with dark colored sneakers. Black, navy blue, maroon, red, brown, purple, dark grey, tan, the list goes on and on for great colors of shoes that look stylish with white elastic laces. If you have been known for owning sneakers with black laces for most of your life, you will find owning white elastic shoelaces to be a fresh change of pace.


Red is the color of passion, fire, energy and strength. The same color as the blood in your body, red symbolizes life. For shoelaces, red is a rather sporty color that can be used for many occasions. Red shoelaces can be worn to cheer on a sports team that also wears red. Red is also a festive holiday color that is worn for times of the year like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Red can even be used as just a simple, everyday color that men and women alike love to style with. Great colors for sneakers that work well with red shoelaces include black, navy blue, white, and grey. Even all red sneakers are known to be real head-turners with red laces. Red can be used to give sneakers personality, so consider elastic shoelaces in red if you are looking to go against the grain.


A really underrated choice for elastic shoelaces, turquoise offers a cool color hue with unprecedented personality. Turquoise is known to be the color of peace, friendship, patience, luck, and refreshment. Sneaker colors that look amazing with turquoise include black, white, pink, and purple. Turquoise, however, doesn’t always have to remind you of the funky 80s. For an extremely unique look, turquoise goes creatively well with navy blue sneakers, which is a great color scheme for both men and women. Turquoise may seem like a shoelace color out in left field, but if you have the right sneaker color, it works successfully.

Mike Haynes

Mike Haynes is the executive Vice President of Machine shop. Prior to Machine shop,Mike Haynes is a writer has a deep knowledge about industrial growth,helped many business owners through his blogs.