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How To Attach Shrink Wrap To Equipment
By MIKE HAYNES 682 views

How To Attach Shrink Wrap To Equipment

Shrink wrapping can work in various applications including protecting equipment of various sizes. However, to get tough skin protection to keep your equipment safe requires proper attachment. Applying shrink wrap appropriately ensures that the wrap won’t pull in or allow air to enter your package. Therefore, it’s important to have some ideas on how to handle the attaching before embarking on your shrink wrapping project. Here’re some pointers.

Here’s a catch

Attaching shrink wrap to a wooden surface like a skid requires using a different method than tape. This is because you need zero airflows in the containment to prepare your equipment for transportation. To attach shrink wrap to surfaces with a painted surface, using preservation tape is highly recommended. Alternatively, consider using shrink wrap tape when handling low budget projects.

Attaching with tape

This is a common shrink wrap method. It requires attaching shrink wrap with 4-inch tape around the whole item. Ensure to form a 100 percent connection between the tape and the item. For corners or odd angles, from pleats just like wrapping a present with spray adhesive. This temporarily tacks the pleats down until it’s time to heat seam these areas using a heat gun. To prevent concentrated shrink wrap bunches, ensure to cut large and multiple plastic overlaps.


This is handy to give your equipment extra security. Depending on the item being wrapped, you might have to use poly woven strapping near the base to enhance security. When strapping is applied for base attachment, it requires wrapping the strapping on the item and tightening with a strap-tensioning tool and buckles. Ensure to make the item hand 4 to 6 inches below the strapping. The solution is to buy heat shrink wrap and fold it over the strapping and tacking the material above with spray adhesive. Ensure to tack the area securely with a heat tool.

Wood attachment

This is the shrink wrap attachment method when handling a base or wood. It’s more appropriate for construction and containment projects. To wrap equipment with this attachment method requires wood laths and a screw gun. Shrink wrap ends at the attachment are pointed into 1 x2 or 1 x 4 wood lathe straps. You’ll have to securely fasten it to the base of the item or skid with a screw gun.

Wrapping 100 percent

Wrapping your equipment 100 percent requires measuring and cutting the material into a required length that will completely go around the object. The material is laid semi-unfolded in a clean dry area. With the item off centered, shrink wrapping is done by bringing it up and down the item continuously. It’s also done the same way over the item sides continuously like wrapping a present with a pleating technique. To wrap tall areas, land the seams in areas easily accessible with off-centered material.

In conclusion

Shrink wrap is a wonderful idea to keep various items safe and secure for the retail industry. However, it’s also a handy material for protecting and securing equipment for storage and protection from weather elements. For effectively, the right attachment method is required and the ideas above will help you choose the most appropriate for your equipment.

Mike Haynes

Mike Haynes is the executive Vice President of Machine shop. Prior to Machine shop,Mike Haynes is a writer has a deep knowledge about industrial growth,helped many business owners through his blogs.