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Skipping Rope

Effective Ways to Get More Out of Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope is not simply amusing entertainment and an active game. It is also an excellent tool for warming up muscles and a distinctive form of aerobic exercise. You can jump Rope both indoors and outdoors. Proper for institutions for children, substantial education, and sports exercises. High-quality and long-lasting materials will guarantee a long service life for the Rope. Suitable handles produce an excellent grip. Skipping rope exercises help develop the respiratory system for stress and increase the body’s tone and endurance.

In addition, Skipping rope trains the legs and hips develops muscle tone, develops agility, flexibility, posture, a sense of balance, and coordination. Skipping Rope effectively strengthens and develops the muscles of the legs and arms. An excellent option for those who prefer fast and intense jumps. Lightweight and comfortable handles will not let your hands get tired ahead of time. Skipping Rope is designed for active workouts. Skipping Rope develops flexibility and a sense of balance, gives a good cardio load, strengthens the muscles of the arms and legs.

Rope for Rythmic Gymnastics–

Designers have created this Rope to meet the demands of training and competition in skinny gyms from a very young age.

The belt is designed for rhythmic gymnastics following the specific requirements of this sport: agility and lightness. The shell can be modified to anybody’s figure.

Product Advantages Detailed Information Testimonials–


Taking into account the characteristics of the physique the Rope can be adjusted to fit your height and build by cutting off and processing the edges with fire.

Ease – Light as a feather, this skipping rope is ideal for aspiring gymnasts.

Technical information–

How to adapt the Length of the Rope to your body type?

To do rhythmic gymnastics correctly, a gymnast must have a rope that matches their physique.

To determine the correct length: Take a standing position, move your legs flat and step on the Rope with both feet.

The ends of the Rope should reach down to the armpits.

It is recommended that these ends be trimmed and burned to prevent fraying of the material. You can also tie knots for a better grip.

How to take care of your rope?

We recommend washing the Rope by hand. Do not wash it in the machine to avoid shrinkage. After trimming the rope edges to fit your physique, be sure to fire them to prevent fraying.

How to choose gymnastics clothing?

The ideal training equipment is a sleeveless leotard, shorts, or leggings, which allows her to perform gymnastic elements safely and freely.

How to lose weight in 15 minutes using a regular rope

Do you want to lose weight and decide to bet on a rope? Great choice! It is a simple and effective weight loss product that:

  • Develops endurance and strengthens the heart
  • Supports the body in good shape
  • Fights cellulite well
  • Burns calories
  • Improves balance
  • Improves posture
  • Invigorates intramuscular coordination

We have prepared three sets of Skipping Rope exercises for you. Repeat them five times a week (in the morning), and the result will not keep you waiting. One session of jumping rope will take you about 15 minutes. For best results, supplement the jumps with strength training in the gym.

Please pick up a good fitness shoe, get ready to drink plenty of water, and Jump Rope.


  • If feeling some problems with your feet, knees, back, or joints, consult your doctor before starting exercise.
  • Correctly calculate the area of ​​the training area to avoid injury.
  • For women: Choose a high-support sports bra.

Adjust the Skipping Rope well: put your foot in the middle of the cord, lift the handles along the body. The optimal rope length for beginners is that the ends of the Rope’s handles should reach armpit level.

Starting position before starting workout–

  • Stand up straight, straighten your neck and back,
  • Pull in your abdomen (muscles in the abdominal area are slightly tense),
  • Drop your shoulders
  • Elbows close to the body forearms almost at right angles to the shoulders,
  • Hands are slightly in front of the pelvis.

Before you start, remember: jumps must be performed, landing on your toes.

Exercise: Relaxed Step

This is one of the simpler rope exercises and one of the most important for beginners. Long-term practitioners can use it as a warm-up before training or for recovery between two exercises.

Description of the exercise – Jump over the Rope, pushing off with the left foot. As soon as the Boxing Skipping Rope flew over the head, we spring again onto the left leg, slightly moving the right to the side. Then we repeat the same with an emphasis on the right leg, slightly moving the left to the side. Try to make short jumps.

Breathing: inhale when touching the ground, exhale while jumping.

Reps: 30 seconds jumping, 30 seconds rest.

Once you have mastered this exercise, you can complicate the task: 10 seconds of simple steps, 10 seconds of jumping with raising the knees (first the right, then the left), then 10 seconds of jumping with an overwhelming leg.

Exercise: Pivot Jumping

This exercise is not difficult in terms of technique. However, good physical fitness is required to complete it.

Description of the exercise – Performing Skipping Rope (legs together), make a turn with the pelvis to the right and left, without changing the body’s position. Land on your toes, knees bent.

Breathing: inhale while preparing to jump, exhale during the jump.

Reps: 30 seconds jumping, 30 seconds rest.

Once you have mastered the exercise, try a more challenging option: 15 seconds to perform jumps with a turn of the pelvis, 15 seconds with high knees.

Exercise: Running stride

This is a basic exercise that trains the cardiovascular system well and is a reasonably energy-intensive exercise.

Description of the exercise – The name speaks for itself: work with the Rope, imitating running. This exercise is usually done at a moderate pace, but you can adapt it based on your physical condition and goals. And remember, the higher you lift your knees, the higher your efficiency.

Breathing:  inhale while preparing to jump, exhale during the jump.

Reps:  30 seconds jumping, 30 seconds rest.

Start exercising and see for yourself that only with the help of a Skipping Rope can you keep your figure in good shape and burn extra calories.

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