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By ERIKA RHEIN 1,522 views

A Smart Car and its Accessories

There are many people in this world who love to drive but they hate the experience of it. The reason, not just the traffic and reckless driving by people around, but the lack of accessories that make their experience hassle-free and fun. You might feel skeptical of wasting money and time on unnecessary gadgets for your car but good research and an informative blog like this one might give you some ideas on must have tech accessories for your car.

  • The Ioniser: A special thanks to the air pollution that such an invention was possible. The ioniser helps in purifying the air that comes in the car and eliminates any harmful or awful smell.
  • Solar Fan: This might sound similar to the ioniser but sometimes the air conditioner in the car is just isn’t enough on a hot day. To save your day and keep your car cooled, these solar fans are the coolest option. They are installed on the window and helps hot air escape the cabin to let the cool air in. And as its power is depended on solar, you need not worry about the battery draining out.
  • Solar Sunshade: Ever faced your hand burning after you parked your vehicle under the sun? Or you didn’t find a shady place for your car? The days of your worries are over with this solar sunshade that covers the whole car on the roof. With this sunshade, you can park anywhere.
  • Dashcam: Accidents are something that keeps happening when you travel on the road. And if you get involved in an accident, and you have no proof against the person causing it, Dashcams are the best accessory to record something as serious and file a case. This also helps in showing the insurance company to claim money for the repair.
  • Nanopresso: Everyone loves a cup of coffee, especially with the long drive and holidays coming up, a portable espresso maker will be the best accessory in your car. The compact flask comes with the extraction pressure that results in fresh and perfect coffee every time. This compact machine relies completely on hand power and doesn’t require a bulky battery.
  • Cool Mini fridge: Going on a summer trip but not really happy with the chilled drink thawing on your car seat. Buy a mini-fridge that’s also a warming agent during the winters. A mini-fridge will store your favorite drink and won’t let the drink go warm. It’s easy to power it up with a USB cable. It’s also easy to take it from your office cabin to the fridge.
  • Hand Vacuum: This might be a little weird but a hand vacuum can be very effective in the car. You do not need to worry about the dirt pilling up in the tight spaces of the car seats or under the floor mats. This hand vacuum in the car is a quick solution to cleaning it up even at the last minute. Plus, there are a few vacuums that use less power and work excellently.
  • A Rear Camera: We know that the dashcam is a safe and excellent accessory for the car. But even a rear camera helps a lot in giving good visibility for safe parking. This is a smart choice for having a smart car. There’s even a two-in-one appliance that comes with both the dashcam and a rear camera which can be switched with a click of a button on the screen.
  • An escape tool: A safety gadget like this can be very, very useful during any unfortunate incidents on your road trip. The double-sided hammer can be used where one side is to break the glass and the other side is to clear the shards of glass. This hammer also has a seat belt cutter to use it for easy escape. You can either use it when you are trapped or you can use it to help someone else who is trapped in an accident.
  • Anti-Glare: Many people tend to use high beam lights unnecessarily on the road, which becomes very uncomfortable for the drivers coming through the other side. This anti-glare will help you protect your eyes from such high beam lights.
  • Audio Cassette Bluetooth Adapter: Music is the best way to tune off from the bad day or hectic day you had at work. There are few people in this world who still are in love with the old cassettes than the new aged Bluetooth device. But here’s a twist, you don’t have to remove the cassette out of the music system or you don’t have to change the entire music system to Bluetooth. This audio cassette Bluetooth adapter will help you easily shift to Bluetooth.
  • Laser Lamps: This might be distracting to a few on-goers on the road but the laser lamps light up when the brakes are applied. This is highly beneficial during low light conditions and it’s mainly useful for drivers behind you to maintain a safe distance.
  • A HUD: There are alternative ways to replace a high-end HUD. It’s not necessary to replace a normal dashboard with an LED screen. A cheap and effective HUD will work to show the speed and the map on the windscreen. You can place it according to your comfort where it doesn’t cover your view of the road while it projects on the windscreen.
  • A Backseat Organiser: Usually a car comes with two pouches where you can put your things that will be handy. But an organizer will give more space for many other things that you normally would end up placing it next to you on the seat. This organizer will help you keep it neat and not mixed up or tangled.


These are a few gadgets that you might want for your car. A few are unusual and unconventional but the gadgets listed out above are surely useful and will not be a disappointment to invest in them.

Erika Rhein

Hi, I'm Erika Rhein, a professional writer and blogger. I use my words to inform, inspire, and make an impact.