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Educational Industry

How are Social Learning Networks changing the face of the Educational Industry?

The education industry is constantly changing with the rise of new technologies. The integration of technology in education is showing a positive response among both learners and educators. Now, students can take their classes from anywhere and at any time with the help of online learning platforms. The same can be said for teachers as they can now teach with the help of various teaching platforms that are available online. The introduction of these platforms is indeed proving to be helpful for the education sector.

However, one such platform that has immensely affected the education sector through its numerous benefits is the social learning network.

What is a Social Learning Network?

A social learning network is one where learners can easily get connected with their educators and conduct their online classes without any hassle. This network allows easy collaboration where learners connect with educators from across the globe. This educational network is extremely useful for focusing on education-related activities like connecting, collaborating, accessing courses and study materials, etc.

This approach is suitable for both learners and educators as both of them get to fulfill their educational needs through this network.

Why do Students opt for social Learning networks?

The online learner base in India is growing rapidly and so the demand for these networks is increasing at an undeniable rate. Apart from this, there are various benefits that this network provides to learners which we shall discuss below.

Connect with Expert Educators

Learners get a chance to connect and collaborate with expert and experienced educators via this network. Now, getting an education from a skilled educator who lives far away is not a problem anymore as learners can easily connect with them. This is very beneficial for learners who couldn’t commute to the physical classroom for gaining quality education from educators.

Access to Top-notch Educational Content

Learners can get their hands on various educational content like courses, study materials and much more. Social learning networks give learners the opportunity to learn from top-notch education content that is designed by subject matter experts. This educational content also helps learners to engage and take an active interest in their learning.

Indulge in Personalized Learning

With the help of tailor-made educational content, learners will be able to grasp the concepts effectively. The study materials and courses are designed to help learners understand their studies and learn according to their pace and convenience. Along with this, educators also conduct live sessions where they interact with their learners on a one-to-one basis.

Social Learning Networks are Affordable

When it comes to money, Social learning networks are quite affordable as compared to the traditional learning approaches. This network offers customized packages to learners which they need to pay one-time. Learners can also take up courses and study materials as per their own convenience and needs.

What do Educators opt for Social Learning Networks?

Get More Enrollments to their Courses

As we know that social learning networks have a lot of learner base so educators can get more enrollments for their courses. They can get connected with these learners and offer them the courses that they wish to pursue. This is an easy task for educators as now they don’t need to go outside to search learners to buy their courses and other educational content.

Create Educational Content and Engage Learners

As similar to online teaching platform, teachers can easily create various educational content by making use of interactive tools. Teachers try to put their best effort to create this educational content that is easily understandable and will urge students to take interest in their learning.

Teach Anytime and Earn Money

Teachers can dedicate any number of hours that they wish and earn money via these networks. Similar to teaching platforms, this network gives a great opportunity to teachers to earn money by teaching for flexible hours.

One must know that there are billions of students who learn online and the rate is increasing day by day. The traditional method of learning and teaching has some major downsides like convenience, diverse educational content, personal mentorships and so on. In these times, social learning networks have risen up to the occasion and provided utmost comfort to both students and teachers to carry their educational needs. Hence, it can be definitely said that social learning networks have and will continue to change the face of the educational industry in a positive way.


dipshika shivastava is an online educator at study24x7 - online teaching platform and Social Learning Network, she loves to teach, read and also write blog regarding educational industries