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Spa booking software
By JULIA CHING 1,116 views

Top 10 Spa Booking Software 2021

Do you own a SPA? Managing the day-to-day activities but strongly feel the need for a helping hand. 

Because handling regular running chores of a spa sounds an easy task but it’s not actually.

These days several people stepped into the spa to experience a stress-free zone for at least a few hours. Due to regular stress full of life, it becomes difficult for individuals to pamper their body, mind and soul from time to time. More & more people are chasing spas to refresh their bodies. As a result of the high demand for spa treatments, many spa booking software is designed to manage the working of spas effortlessly.

The right spa booking software assists you properly from appointment scheduling to online & in-store sales, payroll, marketing & many more. It majorly helps in managing numerous customers simultaneously in a very smooth manner.

Let’s know how the advantages of the right spa management software prove to be a boon.

How does Spa booking Software prove to be Boon for your Spa Business?

Choosing the right salon software is bliss for every spa business. Here are the reasons:

  • Makes your staff more productive & stress-free.
  • Adds more profit to your business
  • Keeps your data secure
  • Eases your appointment scheduling
  • Smoothens your spa working

Now, after knowing the benefits of spa software lets, talk about the top spa software:

Top Spa booking Software for your Spa Business


Salonist is a great mobile & web spa booking platform for all salon & spa business professionals. It acts as a remarkable solution for the salon & spa industry. By opting for this software you can add more success as it gives a great push to your business.

Additionally, it proposes mobility to your staff and allows them to perform the most needed crucial tasks from anywhere via a mobile app. 

Remarkable features of SALONIST software include:

  •  Bookings: it encourages online booking &b makes the booking process easy.
  • Scheduling: this feature helps you in viewing your daily list of appointments & available time slots 
  • POS: booker’s POS joins with your credit card for processing real-time transactions 
  • Inventory management: smoothly manages your inventory for online & in-store sales
  • Marketing: it enhances & assists in accomplishing your marketing strategies 
  • Reports: this feature proves to be very helpful in generating real-time reports related to bookings inventory, sales, marketing performance, etc


It is a spa management software that proposes amazing features for both clients & administrators. Mindbody is specially designed for businesses to provide customized services like a health spa, fitness facilities & personal trainers.

Highlights of MINDBODY

  • Group calendar- at very first glance you can see your staff members are booked.
  • Automation- It sends auto confirmations to their clients via SMS, email, or the Mindbody app.
  • Online booking: clients can book their desired service, view their scheduling & even pay prior 
  • Client tools- It’s a feature that stores clients’ information such as birthdays, client’s profiles, contact numbers, client’s payment history & more.
  • Get integrated well with other apps like google calendar, social media accounts & Microsoft outlook.


Timely software also assists salon & spa owners in managing their business with more ease. The software is introduced to reduce the burden of salon spa owners so that they may pay more attention to their value-added tasks.

The timely native app is built for iPad, iPhone, and  Android phones.

Best highlights about TIMELY salon spa software:

  • Appointment calendar- schedule client appointments with ease
  • Client tool: manage client profile to store their data
  • Online booking: every client looks for online booking. Timely’s digital booking gets integrated with your social media platforms and website also.
  • Inbuilt marketing tools: auto SMS & email pop-ups help in holding healthy relationships with clients.


Zenoti is all-purpose software that aims to manage salons, spas, med spas, fitness centers & yoga centers effortlessly. Additionally, It has in view everything that the salon industry needs while performing its day-to-day tasks. Zenoti is built with many excellent features that ultimately help in the growth of your business.

Here are the features of ZENOTI:

  • It provides exciting packages & memberships
  • Flexible booking system: bookings can be scheduled digitally
  • Billing: offers integrated credit card processing for quick & auto-billing
  • Reports: offers custom reports according to your desire
  • Easily manages your employees & stock as well


The booker software is a cloud-based spa tool that aims to manage all aspects of your business. From online booking to marketing it offers all the features which help majorly in the progress of your business. It assists in maintaining & retaining your potential customers as well. 

Key features of BOOKER include:

  • Scheduling: Easy & convenient scheduling 
  • Mobile friendly: It’s mobile responsive.
  • Profits: Adds extreme amounts of profits to your business
  • Client tool: handles client profile by retaining their data 
  • Inventory: enhances the process of inventory management more efficiently.


Rosy is a web-based salon spa software that allows beauty cum fitness professionals to maximize their business success. It is built with amazing features that help your business to stand apart from the competition. This software is designed for both small & midsize businesses.

Let’s know the exciting features of ROSY:

  • Online scheduling: enables your clients to make appointments via website or Facebook.
  • Mobile access: provides aid to your staff to handle appointments via cell phones.
  • Facebook integration: 
  • Inventory handling: this feature manages your inventory requirement or scarcity very efficiently
  • POS: it promises quick, efficient & most essentially secure checkouts of clients.


Insight smart tool comes with a feature-rich & user-friendly management system. It is designed to assist you to get organized, save time & drive profits. Along with scheduling appointments, it provides numerous features & acts as your virtual assistant.

Key features of INSIGHT:

  • Appointment & staff management: performs your appointments & makes them easily manageable. It also looks after staff scheduling, track sales, performance, payroll, etc.
  • Business & client management: preserves client information & manages track referrals from the current client list.
  • POS: the POS feature gets integrated with your payment options to process credit cards & other payment modes.
  • Online booking: allows 24/7 appointment scheduling
  • Reporting: prepares a report to analyze clients, sales, appointments, inventory, management & many more 


Envision is a complete salon & spa software, designed to look after your business as well as your clients. It is easy to use & easy to learn format. Envision is an advanced marketing tool that helps in promoting your business in a very ordered way.

Features of ENVISION:

  • Online booking: customers can book from your website & Facebook as well.
  • Automated confirmations: it sends auto SMS or. email confirmations to your clients 
  • Online access: provides privilege to clients to access their data via iPhone & other android tools
  • Pricing: it provides very reasonable pricing
  • Inventory: frees up the owners from inventory management by efficient strategies.


Milano is a simple cum unique all-in-one spa management software. It is specially designed to offer various features to make your business free from hassles.

It contributes essentially to enhancing the overall profitability of your business.

Here are the essential features of Milano:

  • Booking: holds unlimited appointments quick & gracefully 
  • Marketing: make usage of marketing tools strategically for efficient business.
  • Automatic: send reminders, email & notifications to customers via an automatic process.
  • Payroll handling: provides a summary of payroll reports.
  • Manges lenient information: store client information which enables owners to evaluate their preferences.


Shedul is also a salon cum spa management software & it’s completely free. It’s inbuilt with all the advanced features which you need all together to boost your business.

The built-in dashboard highlights all the bookings, notifications, actions which make the usage of software more convenient.

Key highlights of schedule:

  •  Manage clients: holds your client’s details history in an orderly way
  • Scheduling: manages all your salon cum spa bookings with a high-quality calendar.
  • Online bookings: enables your clients to make bookings via online mode.
  • Auto reminders: send personalized reminders to clients regarding appointments
  • POS: the inbuilt POS looks after your sales, receipts, invoicing, transactions & project management. 

From the above discussion, we have concluded that these days people look for spa treatments after long busy scheduled weeks. This in result maximizes the workload of spa centers. To reduce such a massive workload from the shoulders of spa owners, spa software is there to figure out issues faced by them.

Here, in this write-up, we have laid down the top spa software with its key features.

You can choose what seems relatable to you as per your business requirements. 

Hopefully, we have helped you with this writing.

 Thank you & kindly don’t forget to share your valuable feedback.

Julia Ching

Julia Ching has been a Sr. content writer at Salonist since 2017. Her passion for helping people in business management through the expert industry coverage she provides.