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Meditation is core to will power which is a further necessity for success. It’s a reliable source for happiness, joy, delight, and tranquility which is quite difficult to get in this self-centered era. Today, people soon lose all the hopes and start feeling demotivated to progress further. But do you know, you have an ocean of capabilities? You can even beat everyone at a moment’s notice by boosting your will power? Apparently, you are far away from reality. Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has spotlighted this aspect by enunciating the importance of meditation for human beings.

Why humans are the most prominent creature of God?

God has created human beings as the best of all and none other creature can even compare itself within many terms. We as humans are supreme from all others. But, is it really so? People are doing almost the same chores as other species are doing like, eating, drinking, sleeping, searching food, etc. almost everything of ours equalizes from all others, then how do we differ? With what reason, we are considered as the best creature of God?

The reason is devotion, recitation of God’s words which none other species or creature can ever do. Their devotion is limited just to the extent of Kaal (Negative Power) and never reach up to the Almighty. This is the reason that human beings are considered as the epitome in all others. So, meditation is utmost necessary and there are a plethora of benefits one might enjoy by reciting God’s words.

Role of Meditation Hall

With such huge importance of meditation in the lives of humans, it becomes imperative to recite God’s words regularly if you want to attain salvation, eternal divine love and to literally meet God. But it’s equally important that you should have that proper noiseless space, free from disturbances and any sort of problem because to open tenth door or more precisely to meet God, concentration is necessary for which you can’t afford outer disturbances of any sort or manner.

By keeping this perspective in mind, Meditation has been constructed in Dera Sacha Sauda edifice on the instructions and inspiration of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan aka MSG.

Virtues of Meditation Hall

Meditation hall in Sirsa is none less than a wonder in itself. From entering point to exit, everything has been designed exclusively by Guruji himself. It seems like a piece of heaven has been dropped down and situated here.

This is a blessing for all devotees and as per Guruji’s words, ‘The one, who recites God’s words with complete devotion, will be able to see Him and attain divine treasures for sure’. So, this hall is really a panacea for all.

Get into all its virtues one by one:

  • Let’s first talk about architecture and design. At the entry point, there are two angels fixed on both sides of the entry gate, seeming like, they are welcoming you to heaven. Besides this, the water spouting out of fountains, its mesmerizing sound that can perfectly be correlated to divine hymns and different colored flowers not just appealing at sight but also its fragrance keeps all your worries aside and let you get lost in it forever.
  • When you enter, you will be stunned after watching the eye-soothing paintings on walls, roof, gates and everywhere. Can you guess the theme of meditation hall paintings?
  • The theme is based on the entire galaxy. You probably have heard one famous adage,

“Jo Brahmande So Pinde,

Jo Khoje So Pave”

By meaning, it specifies that whatever is in the universe or in the galaxy that every single thing is in our human body as well. But only that can know who actually research on it. Saint MSG usually says about it and also address people that while meditating, after opening the tenth door, our soul passes through these galaxies and all planets and then actually meet supreme power, God.

We think, with this concept, the meditation hall has been conceptualized and its theme is decided on the basis of the galaxy. Interesting, isn’t it?

  • In one time, numerous devotees can collectively sit in this hall and pray to the lord. There are small sized rugs placed on the floor of meditation hall that is specifically available for every person, so no one disturbs another in any manner.
  • The best part, we found, is Dera slogan that echoes after every half an hour. This means the devotees who want to come out after half an hour or one hour or in equal intervals, can come out at that time. This slogan is ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra’ which has been sung by Guruji himself in such a melodious way that soothes the soul instantly.
  • Moreover, the lighting, water facility, ventilation, and everything is deeply considered so that none external part can trouble the devotees while meditating.
  • This is completely away from any sort of vehicle sound or any other sound or disturbances which make this place blessed with sheer silence and divinity.
  • The devotees go in lines after depositing their bags or any sort of material and even their flip-flops, in the room situated outside the hall.

It certainly goes without saying that Meditation Hall of Dera Sach Sauda is quite different from other meditation halls situated at different corners of the world and definitely worth your time. You should visit it for at least once in a lifetime. If you have already sashayed here then do share your experience with us. How do you find it? Share your words in the below-given comment box.

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