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How to Get things Done and Start 2021 Productively

The ecstasy and excitement that comes with the holiday season slowly diminishes around this time of the year. In turn, that feeling is replaced with the nausea of reality setting in. The last thing you need at the moment is panic. There is no need to overthink or worry anymore because you have 6X startup founder and San Francisco based entrepreneur Alan Safahi’s pro tips on how to kick start your year.  Let’s get started!

As cliché as it may sound, this is extremely important. Writing down your 2021 goals creates a mental map for you for the year. The first step to achieving productivity is to first become aware of the aspects and areas you need to be productive in. The fastest and safest tip is to bring out the old books.

What are those plans you could not achieve in the years before but are still extremely important to your dreams? Rewrite them. What are your new visions? You know, those ones making you anxious. Write them! What about the silly ones you wrote when you didn’t know any better? Cross them off! The bottom line let your to-do list align with your purpose for the year.

  • It’s Time for Time.

This sounds really hilarious but without any iota of doubt, it is time to create time. The holidays are more or less over and work is hovering around waiting to cause frustration. You may end up overwhelmed and unable to achieve those beautiful goals of yours if you don’t plan properly.

The goal is set but you need to match your plans with your free time. So, pick up that calendar and that journal and write out specific dates for specific plans. This way, you know when to do what.  You can take this step further and set a reminder with your closest friends and family.

  • Don’t bite more than you can chew

Self-assessment is important but don’t be too hard on yourself. The unpredictability of life may distort some of your plans and that’s okay; case study, the worldwide pandemic of 2020. Take your plans a step at a time. Avoid procrastination and the future complications it brings. Do what you can, and only what you can, when you have the opportunity. You don’t have to take on so much work to the point where good health isn’t even possible anymore.

  • Create time for you

This cannot be overemphasized. You need to look out for yourself in your plans for the year. Your mental health and physical health are two invisible factors to your productivity. You’re at your best when you’re happy. You are more productive when you don’t have to think or worry about mental health issues or doctor’s appointments. So, Alan Safahi’s advice for you is to retreat into your happy space when things get rough and re-strategize when things get better.

    There you have it! These are four easy tips to redirect your focus from the feasting of the holiday to productivity for the New Year. What are you waiting for? Open up that journal, clear out that workspace and let your year begin the right way. Cheers!

Alan Safahi Orinda CA

Alan Safahi is an Iranian-American entrepreneur and six-time startup founder with over 30 years’ experience in the information technology, telecommunications and financial services industries.