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By JOE MAILLET 2,801 views


You’ll be fascinated to know the story of the ‘Stone of Magic’. There are many synonymous names of this magic stone but the most used and the trade name is Tanzanite. Scientifically known as, “blue zoisite” was given the name Tanzanite by Tiffany & Com. who launched this stone in the market in the year 1968. This eye arresting stone is only found in Tanzania, on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite was formed around 585 million years ago and is said that it will be diminished in the next 25 years. The limited obtainability of the gemstone, makes it more solicit in the market.

On the Mohs scale, the hardness ranges to 6.5 and it has a refractive index of 1.69 – 1.70. Tanzanite is the most beautiful blue stone after Sapphire and its saturated color varies from deep violet-blue to blue-violet, depending on which side you see it. Because of its multicolor vision and comparatively less hardness, the cutters can cut it in different beautiful shapes but the most popular is the cushion and oval cuts. The stone is also referred to as the “gemstone of a generation” because according to geologists, it is one chance in millions that there is the availability of this stone other than Tanzania and this generation will be the last generation to buy this most beautiful stone from the market before the stock is exhausted.

This precious stone also made it to the list of birthstones in the year 2002. It is the December Birthstone and is also the 24th wedding anniversary stone. Tanzanite equally has metaphysical properties and that is the reason why it is called ‘stone of magic’ or ‘workaholics stone’. The stone tends to increase concentration and bring success to one’s life and speaking of healing properties, it heals stress-related illness and more specifically high blood pressure issues. And last but not the least, it is in huge demand in the jewelry industry. Tanzanite stones are carved in every kind of jewelry and some of the must-haves are listed below.

A luxurious and breathtaking tanzanite earring is a mandatory jewel in your jewelry box. Where diamonds and other expensive gemstones are so overrated, this underrated and comparatively cheaper gemstone in the form of an earring will blow everyone’s mind when you wear it at an event. You can style the marvelous piece with any other necklace or not because it solemnly will steal all the glances. Right from your office wear to casual outings or to any special event, these earrings will fit in every occasion, or even if you are looking for something unusual for your engagement or wedding reception an exceptional bluestone will look dazzling and second to none. These earrings are up for grabs in form of dangling earrings, stud earrings, and hoop earrings. If any of your male friends or from your family is into earrings then a tanzanite stud will be perfect for him. It will not only look subtle and smart but also the elegance it will bring in, will make him fall in love with himself.

Feel no less than a princess in an unexcelled tanzanite pendant and say that you don’t love it already! These pendants will surely make you look pretty, moreover they will make you confident. The pendants are not too loud and therefore can be worn as minimal jewels. You can pair these with sleek silver chains and diamond stud earrings and you will be all set to create a new jewelry fashion statement. Styling these pendants is pretty easy and will complement your every attire. Different shapes and designs of these allow you to pick your favorite type which you can flaunt in your way. For a very subtle finish, you can choose the pendants which are just the stone held on by silver beads and have silver sterling. A bit louder will have diamonds embedded around the stone and silver sterling. Owning each of these two types in your collection will bring your jewelry game to a notch along with beautifying you.

Wondering how to get a rare but in the budget ring for your engagement? In the era of diamonds, emeralds, and rubies, be an exception and go for the rarest gemstone ever. As you know by now that tanzanite stone is rarer than diamond and other expensive gemstones, it is better to own something which will not be easily available to everyone. Platinums and diamonds can be worn later but wearing a tanzanite ring on your special day will keep everyone in awe. The ring is not only eligible for the bride but for the groom as well. You can even customize these rings with your desired shape of the stone. Other than this, a basic ring of this magnificent stone can be worn by everyone. It will complement everyone’s hands and fingers.

Apart from these, tanzanite bracelets are also very popular and are a new jewelry sensation. These jewelry pieces can also turn out to be unique ideas of gifts and are a must-have for every December born. You can surprise your partner with a beautiful jewelry set of tanzanite on your 24th wedding anniversary and moreover, some of these pieces can be definitely kept as family heirlooms because there is a high chance that future generations might be able to witness this precious stone.

Joe Maillet

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